29 December 2016

EASY | 24 Years

Faith No More's cover of the 1977 Commodores song Easy is to this day their most successful selling single however amongst the fans it is possibly their most controversial. 

26 December 2016


Ex Faith No More and Bad Brains singer and all around awesome guy Chuck Mosley celebrates his 57th birthday today.

20 December 2016

19 December 2016


In 2013 Bill Gould and Espen J. Jörgensen released a five track EP titled 'Fugly'.

FAITH NO MORE | 19.12.1992 | Kerrang!

Record collections - we've all got one, and be it big or small, cool or embarrassing, the damn thing can tell you a whole lot about its owner. TALKIN' 'BOUT REVOLUTIONS features 15 questions that fearlessly probe Metal stars on the records that run their lives! To lead us into the unknown, FAITH NO MORE's very big, very sick and very ugly JIM MARTIN reveals his... inner psyche to STEFFAN CHIRAZI!

13 December 2016


With the amazing new that Mike Patton has joined Dead Cross and they are working on a album release for 2017, we spoke to bass player Justin Pearson (Retox, The Locust) to find out more.

FAITH NO MORE | 12.12.1992 | Kerrang!

Black Sabbath's eight studio albums, cut by the classic Ozzy-led line up, have influenced countless musicians, includin one particularly big and sick individual, Faith No More's JIM MARTIN. Here Jim highlights to Steffan Chirazi the effect Sabbath had on his young life.

12 December 2016


Mike Patton's newest high-profile collaboration has been announced. He will join Dead Cross a supergroup featuring former Slayer drummer and co-founder Dave Lombardo, Justin Pearson (of the Locust and Retox), and Michael Crain (also of Retox, and Festival of Dead Deer).

8 December 2016

FAITH NO MORE | December 1992 | Metal Maniacs

I was not much of a FNM enthusiast, but I'd met Mike Bordin once after a Ritz show of theirs here in NYC and got along with him quite well, and Angel Dust had impressed me with its many interesting songs. So it was, off to the ritzy Roger Smith Hotel to meet in their plush suite for a talk with dreadlocked drummer Bordin.

4 December 2016

FAITH NO MORE | Chile 2010

In December 2010 Faith No More returned too their adopted home of Chile for two performances.

1 December 2016

30 November 2016

RODDY BOTTUM | Brand New Opera 'The Ride'

Roddy Bottum brand new opera 'The Ride'

Secret Chiefs 3 & Web of Mimicry News

Secret Chiefs 3 are back with new music....

MIKE BORDIN | November 1995 | HM Magazine

Introduce yourself Puffy... 
"The drum kit is the piece of equipment that is going to have the most variation from night to night, that's why we try and use our own kit as often as possible. Otherwise it's like using someone else's toothbrush or wearing someone else's underpants, it just doesn't feel quite right."

27 November 2016

25 November 2016

CONE OF SHAME B-SIDE Motherfucker (Calcitonin Mix)

If you can't get your hands on the Faith No More "Cone Of Shame" limited-edition 7" that is out today, you can still get the b-side "Motherfucker (Calcitonin Mix)" Remixed by JG Thirwell exclusively over at Ipecac Bandcamp store! 

17 November 2016

31 October 2016


It's that time of year again when we carve pumpkins, try to find a unique fancy dress costume, stock up on sweets and put on the John Carpenter DVD collection.

FAITH NO MORE | 31.10.1990 | Circus Magazine

Can one song break a band? It can certainly get the ball rolling. In Faith No More's case, it was a rap-metal ditty called "Epic" - the second single/video from the now-platinum The Real Thing - that became this year's freak hit, and made rock stars out of Faith No More.

30 October 2016

29 October 2016

FAITH NO MORE | October 2009 | Chile

In October 2009 Faith No More returned to South America for the first time since 1995. On October 29th and 30th FNM performed in their adopted country of Chile for the first time in fourteen years.

27 October 2016

FAITH NO MORE | October 1989 | Rock Out

The real thing. The genuine article. A vision so completely fresh, vivacious and original, it defies comparison. No Aerosmith comparisons to speak of. No Hanoi, Dolls, Metallica, ad infinitum. Nope, just the savage chemistry of five distinct personalities playing off and clashing with each other, creating a monstrously distinct, fiercely undisciplined edge ironically tagged Faith No More.

26 October 2016

MIKE BORDIN | Drummer Magazine | October 2012

Mike Bordin of Faith No More rarely does press. He doesn't need to - which makes our cover story with the great man all the more remarkable. Listen up as the man with the dreads talks.


Faith No More's version of the Bee Gees' song I Started A Joke was released on October 26th 1998.

25 October 2016


The Faith No More + Boo-Yaa Tribe collaboration single Another Body Murdered was released as  from the soundtrack of the film Judgement Night on October 25th 1993.

23 October 2016


Metalllica bassist Robert Trujillo celebrates his 52nd birthday today. As he is a very close friend of Mike Bordin and features heavily in the Faith No More timeline we thought we'd give him a shout.

22 October 2016


In 2014 tētēma released the exciting and unpredictable album 'Geocidal'. A brutal work that Ipecac Recordings described as 'audio caffeine injected direct into your eyeballs'. 

21 October 2016

FAITH NO MORE / METALLICA | 21.10.1989 | Kerrang!

In a power-package guaranteed to lay waste to most of the Free World, never mind the state of California, METALLICA signed up their Bay Area mates FAITH NO MORE (now on tour in the UK) to support them on the final North American dates of the 'And Justice For All' gigging marathon. Together they came, they saw, they conquered ... And FNM even allowed STEFFAN CHIRAZI to bum a ride on the tour bus.

20 October 2016


Share with us how being part of the Faith No More fan community has enriched your life!

17 October 2016

MR. BUNGLE | 17.10.1996 | Rip It Up

Madness, I tell you! Madness! That's what's going to happen when Mr Bungle turns up in Adelaide. They cover more ground in one song than most people do in a whole album - or career.

MIKE PATTON | 17.10.2001 | Kerrang!

In 10 years of touring, Mike Patton has learnt the importance of avoiding  "slobbering children asking for whiskey" and food that makes you sound like Fred Durst. Unfortunately, he's not yet figured how to avoid doing his wife's domestic chores...