Share with us how being part of the Faith No More fan community has enriched your life!
“We have a fanbase that is really strong and organized but not only that, they’re really, actually, a lot of them are really intelligent people.....It’s totally organized and they’ve totally got their shit together and it’s a great spot to be....not so much thinking about record sales but thinking about like this cool community that that has gotten connected because of your music. It’s almost bigger than the band itself.” 
This recent heart warming statement by Bill Gould in a Pop Matters interview was aimed at me, you, us......the FNM fan community. There are many web sites, clubs and internet meeting places based all over the world now dedicated to the band and even more dedicated to Mike Patton. Our first hand experience shows that Bill and FNM really appreciate this love and support and of course it materialised in attendance of the 'We Care A Lot - Listening Parties'. We know of people who have met and become lifelong partners through the community, found inspiration to change their lives for the better and more. 

But what does it mean to YOU to be part of this community and how has it, or simply just the music, changed your life? We want you to tell us and we can create an article dedicated to this very subject.  

Please write your story in the comments section below or email us

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  1. FNM have always been a part of my life. I have a son who was born with multiple sclerosis and me and my husband found music was a wonderful way of soothing him and helping him to temporarily put his pain out of mind. It sounds corny but he responded most to FNM, it's true! The Drs said it was most likely because he identified that it was calming to me and he saw the pleasure it gave me listening to them. Please share my story as it may help others in similar situations. Thanks ❤️❤️

  2. Me and my wife met at a FNM show in 2009. Thanks to FNM I now have sex regularly!


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