30 November 2016

RODDY BOTTUM | Brand New Opera 'The Ride'

Roddy Bottum brand new opera 'The Ride'

Secret Chiefs 3 & Web of Mimicry News

Secret Chiefs 3 are back with new music....

MIKE BORDIN | November 1995 | HM Magazine

Introduce yourself Puffy... 
"The drum kit is the piece of equipment that is going to have the most variation from night to night, that's why we try and use our own kit as often as possible. Otherwise it's like using someone else's toothbrush or wearing someone else's underpants, it just doesn't feel quite right."

27 November 2016

25 November 2016

CONE OF SHAME B-SIDE Motherfucker (Calcitonin Mix)

If you can't get your hands on the Faith No More "Cone Of Shame" limited-edition 7" that is out today, you can still get the b-side "Motherfucker (Calcitonin Mix)" Remixed by JG Thirwell exclusively over at Ipecac Bandcamp store! 

17 November 2016