26 April 2017

Fantômas | 18 Years

On April 26th 1999 Fantômas released their debut album. The first ever release for Ipecac Recordings.

23 April 2017


Happy birthday to Faith No More bassist, CEO of Koolarrow Records, expert producer and all around awesome friend.... Bill David Gould, 54 on April 24th.


Thirty years ago, on April 23rd 1987 Faith No More released their second studio album Introduce Yourself.

21 April 2017

INTRODUCE YOURSELF 30th Anniversary | EXCLUSIVE Matt Wallace Interview

Faith No More's second studio album Introduce Yourself was released in April 1987. This album was a key player in mixing genres and creating something fresh and unique.

12 April 2017

11 April 2017

IMPERIAL TEEN | 08.04.2017 | El Ray

Roddy Bottum and Imperial Teen returned to the live stage on April 8th supporting That Dog at El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles.

MIKE PATTON | Rage TV's Most Regular Guest

The Australian popular late night music TV program rage is celebrating it's 30th year broadcasting.

1 April 2017

KAADA / PATTON | Bacteria Cult | One Year

Mike Patton and John Kaada's second collaboration album Bacteria Cult was released on April 1st 2016.