31 May 2017

1990 Photographs Slash Records Present Faith No More Their Gold Records

Two great photographs of the team at Slash Records presenting Faith No More with their gold records for The Real Thing have surfaced.

27 May 2017

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW | Max Cavalera Talks to us about 'Angel Dust'

Faith No More's masterpiece Angel Dust celebrates its 25th anniversary this month. And we have been working hard to bring you some exciting articles.

26 May 2017


On May 26th 1992 Faith No More released Midlife Crisis, the first single from Angel Dust.

14 May 2017

FAITH NO MORE | May 1990 | Melody Maker

Despite drinking, screwing, beating the crap out there of each other and enjoying themselves far more than is safe and healthy, Faith No More are on top of the world - Hit singles, queues of autograph hunters, huge venues and appearances on Top Of The Pops.
Neil Perry hitched a ride on their recent British tour and witnessed their moronic inferno take light. 

FAITH NO MORE | 14.05.1992 | Marquee London

Twenty five years ago, on May 14th 1992 Faith No More held their album release party for Angel Dust in London.

11 May 2017

FAITH NO MORE | RIP Magazine | April 1993

Faith No More are on the road perpetually, it seems, and that's perfectly fine with them. It's their natural habitat, where they're at their best, and Billy Gould says he's having a good time. The buoyant bassist is sitting in a London hotel, discoursing on the pleasures of his band's recent jaunt through Germany. 

8 May 2017

BILL GOULD | In Bulgaria With The Mayor of Pavlikem

On Bill Gould's recent vacation in Bulgaria he met with the mayor of Pavlikem to drink Bulgarian brandy.

5 May 2017

CHUCK MOSLEY | 2017 Tour Dates

The former Faith No More frontman is back! Chuck Mosley will be touring in the U.S this summer.

DEAD CROSS | Pre-Order The Self-Titled Debut Album Now

Pre-Order the debut album from Dead Cross, released August 4th via Ipecac Recordings.

MIKE BORDIN | The New York scene and Cliff Burton.

Mike Bordin recently sat down with music journalist Matt Pinfield, author Steven Blush and Tony Mann, who are the guys behind the book New York Rock.

4 May 2017

MIKE PATTON | Dead Cross Interview, New Film Score, New Orchestral Ballads Record.

Mike Patton and Dave Lomabrdo have spoken to Rolling Stone about the Dead Cross album, released August 4th via Ipecac.

MONDO CANE | 7 Years

On May 4th 2010 Mike Patton released his album featuring cover versions of 1950s and 1960s Italian pop music, Mondo Cane.

2 May 2017

INTRODUCE YOURSELF 30th Anniversary | EXCLUSIVE Chuck Mosley Interview

Faith No More's second studio album Introduce Yourself was released in April 1987. This album was a key player in mixing genres and creating something fresh and unique.

1 May 2017

RICOCHET | 22 Years

Faith No More released Ricochet on May 1st 1995 as the second single from King For A Day....Fool For A Lifetime