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  • Bill Gould Interview
Punk Rock Theory 
This is my first ( and hopefully not the last) interview I did for PunkRockTheory. I had the chance to sat down with Billy Gould, bass player and producer of the legendary Faith No More, owner of Kool arrow records and an overall awesome person, prior to his show in Toronto back in the summer of 2015. Yes, I know... it took me over a year to put this out but hey, shit happens! But I promise that like old wine, this interview has aged well with time.. So with that said, I give you Billy G.
"It is a strange thing because I’ve known Roddy (Bottum, FNM's keyboard player) since I was 10 years old. That is 40 years. So in some ways there were no surprises. Everything was exactly like I thought it was going to be. There's good and bad with that, just like with any relationship with people. Before we decided to make a new record, it really bothered me because I knew some of this dysfunction that we have was going to come with the process. And it did. We didn't change in a lot of ways. In other ways we have, because this dysfunction was not as bad. People were focused on doing the right thing. When we were younger, everything was magic. Creativity was magic (laughs). I think people referring to other band members) learned to survive by cooperating with other people. We all did. What that meant is that we gave each other a lot more trust. One thing I got from the guys is that they trusted me lot. I produced and recorded the record. I didn't want to actually. I was afraid to, because the guys who did all the other records are really good. Back then we had budgets. We could spend 2 months in a great studio. So I was like "If I am the only one doing it, how is it not going to sound like shit"? And the guys were really like “you should do it...". They were very, very supportive. In the past they would've never, in a million years...That was a huge thing actually. I didn't want to let them down. It was great to know that they weren't going to turn on me."

  • Bill Gould Interview
Team Rock
Faith No More’s bassist talks Satanic sexual practices, coming out, bad-mouthing GN’R and being freaked out by Bowie
How many of Patton’s exploits – crapping in Axl Rose’s orange-juice carton, munching on one of L7’s tampons – were true, and how many fabrication? 
"A little bit of both. We had fun, bringing those images into the mainstream. But the Axl carton story wasn’t true."
 "Pissing people off was fun. We came from a scene where teasing people was okay."
"Mike was definitely coming from a different place. He seemed to me like a really clean-cut kid. We were twenty-six, seven and he was about twenty, so there was a huge gap of experience and I didn’t know how it would work. But his ideas fit so well it was startling."
  • The 10 best Faith No More songs not written by Faith No More.
Team Rock
Patton and co. were suckers for a good, unorthodox cover version – here we collate 10 of their very best.
 1) Easy – Commodores (1977)
Probably the most Faith No More cover by being one of the least Faith No More covers, this rendition of the Commodores’ smooth-operating hit is painfully faithful to the original and, being so, topped the Australian singles chart and bagged the UK’s #3 spot upon release. Inquisitive Lionel Richie fans must have loved picking up the album it came from, Angel Dust, and being greeted with songs like Jizzlobber, Crack Hitler and lyrics about blowjobs. Genius.

  • Mike Patton / Anthony Pateras Interview
The Guardian
Faith No More's Mike Patton talks about new side project tētēma: 'It’s very, very tricky'Anthony Pateras and his co-conspirator don’t get together often, which makes their performance at Mona Foma nerve-racking.
“Mike has the avant garde sensibility, the orchestral sensibility, the rock sensibility and the electro-acoustic sensibility to deal with this kind of material, and those are all angles and histories I like to address in the music. 
“A key thing which I feel Mike can actually do is have that compositional logic while remaining free and open to the moment. So we work around our respective schedules and make it work because we both love the work so much.”
 “Musicians today kind of piece things together gradually, and then a take is put together in an edited way. But Mike is part of a generation of musicians who can do the take all the way through and there’s a certain feel and discipline to that, which a lot of musicians today are not aware of. That discipline and focus in a take is increasingly rare and is a privilege to witness, and that’s what I really admire in Mike.”
  • Ipecac
Earlier this year, John Kaada and Mike Patton released their second collaboration "Bacteria Cult". Recently, Kaada put together the piano tablature for the hauntingly beautiful track "Red Rainbow". Check out Kaada performing it below and download the sheet music HERE.

  • New Secret Chiefs 3
"New SC3 single out now; really pleased with it. Hoping sales of this will help finance finishing the next couple of full-length SC3 releases for 2017. ---regardless, very thrilled with how this one turned out. BIG thanks to everyone who helped make this thing happen." - Trey Spruance

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