27 July 2016

WE CARE A LOT | Reissue Press Release

Official press release from Faith No More via Speak Easy PR.

FAITH NO MORE | July 2015 | Mojo

Emerging from the US punk underground, they unwittingly became MTV's alternative rock poster boys before alienating their entire audience and collapsing in a pool of their own vitriol. Eighteen years on from their last album, Faith No More's unlikely return remains anchored in anger, and dare we say, love.....

26 July 2016

POSTS FOR BREAKFAST! | 26.07.2016 | We Care A Lot

Faith No More and related projects update.

FAITH NO MORE | 26.07.1989 | Raw

What is it that combines elements of Punk, Funk, Metal, Hip Hop and Thrash? The answer is a five-piece from San Francisco called FAITH NO MORE, a group whose third album, 'The Real Thing' (just released), suggests that they are right in tune with the crossover consciousness of the times...

24 July 2016

FAITH NO MORE | July 2015 | Classic Rock

Uncompromising as ever, a reunited Faith No More bury the past to come back with their first album in 18 years.

17 July 2016

FAITH NO MORE | 17.07.1993 | kerrang!

FAITH NO MORE have grown up (or so it sez 'ere)! According to bassist BILL GOULD they're "children running out of talk". But are they sick 'n' tired of juvenile guitar-slingin' Metal mutha JIM MARTIN? Is he just misunderstood? Could they survive without Jim? And who cares anyway? Sugar-loafin' STEFFAN CHIRAZI gets to the point!

EVIDENCE | 21 Years

On July 17th 1995 Faith No More released their single Evidence.

15 July 2016

13 July 2016

FAITH NO MORE | 14.07.1990 | NME

Deep in the American heartland, sicko speed metal sensationalists FAITH NO MORE are coming to terms with serious success the groupies, the glad-handers and the merely gonzoid. Does this threaten to topple even their own highly-developed sense of the depraved? GAVIN MARTIN takes a deep breath and joins FNM's tour bus for a frightening, lightning trip through the rank underbelly of MTV star-tripping.

11 July 2016

FAITH NO MORE | July 2015 | Metal Hammer

Reunion shows. An unexpected album. A brand new attitude. Faith No More tell Hammer why they're putting their confrontational past behind them and getting back into the ring...

9 July 2016

FAITH NO MORE | Courtney Love Sings 1984

Regardless of your opinion of grunge queen Courtney Love she had her part to play in the history of Faith No More, in fact it's hard to find an article written about the band's 33 year history without a reference to her time as singer. And as FNM's story is one that is soaked with rebellious angst, a character such as Love plays her part well. 


On July 9th 2001 Fantomas released The Director's Cut via Ipecac Recordings.

5 July 2016

MIKE PATTON | 05.07.1999 | Bam

So what if Faith No More actually is no more? Doesn't mean there aren't worlds to plunder. You've seen Imperial Teen (ex-keyboardist Roddy Bottum) grace these very pages, and perhaps you noticed the dreads behind the drum  kit on recent Ozzy tours (Mike Bordin). But what's become of whisper-to-scream frontman Mike Patton?

4 July 2016

1 July 2016