28 September 2017

DEAD CROSS | Second Leg of Their North American Tour

Dead Cross have proved their prowess in an intense twenty five night tour across North America. Here is our round of the second leg.

MIKE PATTON | Director Zak Hilditch describes '1922' score as ' luscious orchestral with a touch of horror'

Mike Patton has written, performed and produced the musical score to the upcoming Netflix horror-drama film based of the Stephen King novella 1922.

26 September 2017

23 September 2017

BILL GOULD | To Talk About His Newest Project 'Rockabul' at PopTech.

While Faith No More continues with their extended break its members are exploring different artistic avenues.

RODDY BOTTUM | 10 Best Keyboard Parts ....Chosen By You

Roddy Bottum is a founding member of Faith No More and is single-handedly responsible for making keyboards within guitar based music,cool.

21 September 2017

MIKE PATTON | Mondo Cane's 2011 shows in Chile.

In September 2011 Mike Patton returned to one of his favourite places to perform two nights with Mondo Cane in Santiago, Chile.

13 September 2017

MIKE BORDIN | 10 Best Drum Beats ...Chosen by you.

Mike Bordin is a founding member of Faith No More and possibly the tightest and most ferocious drummer in music history. His unique playing style is essential to the distinctive FNM sound.

11 September 2017

PATTONFEST | The greatest Festival on Earth.

Earlier in the week we posted a poster for our imaginary festival PATTONFEST! With your feedback we have revised the line-up and can now present the ultimate ate line-up.

6 September 2017

FAITH NO MORE | MTV Video Music Awards, 06 September 1990.

Twenty seven years ago Faith No More took a day off from their relentless The Real Thing tour to perform Epic on the MTV Video Music Awards.

1 September 2017

BILL GOULD | 10 Best Bass Lines...Chosen by you.

Bill Gould is a founding member of Faith No More, an extraordinary bass player, producer and song writer. The backbone of the band.

A Small Victory Youth Remixes | 25 Years

On September 1st 1992 Faith No More released the EP of A Small Victory dance remixes.