9 December 2017

MIKE PATTON | Tetema 'Geocidal', The collaboration album with Anthony Pateras, released 3 years ago!

Mike Patton's collaboration album with Australian composer Anthony Pateras was released three years ago via Ipecac.

BILL GOULD | Full Poptech Video on the upcoming film 'RocKabul'

We can finally share the full presentation of Rockabul from this years Poptech Conference Instigate 2017.

1 December 2017

FAITH NO MORE | 'This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us' released 20 Years ago!

On December 1st 1997 Faith No More released their collaboration single with Sparks, This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us.

30 November 2017

KAADA / PATTON | Their First Collaboration Album 'Romances' was released 13 Years ago!

2004, thirteen years ago John Kaada and Mike Patton released Romances, their first collaborative album via Ipecac.

PRIMITIVE RACE | We Spoke to Chris Kniker and Mark Gemini Thwaite about 'Soul Pretender'.

When we reached out to Chris Kniker, the producer behind Primitive Race and their new album Soul Pretender, he asked us which member of the band we would like to interview. We requested to chat with Chris himself as we had already interviewed Chuck Mosley on many occasions.

FAITH NO MORE | Debut album We Care A Lot released 32 years ago!

In 1985 Faith No More released their seminal debut album We Care A Lot via Mordam Records.