17 February 2017

FAITH NO MORE | 17.02.1990 | NME

FAITH NO MORE are a rap-metal band that sounds like a cross between Prince and the Welsh weightlifting team. They joined STEVEN WELLS for a mid-tour circle jerk.

16 February 2017

Diary Of A Shit Terrorist

“[Lyrics] come from my head, my ass, my toilet, my pillow, places like that." 

15 February 2017

OZZY OSBOURNE | Live At Budokan 15 Years

On February 15th 2002 Mike Bordin played with Ozzy Osbourne at Nippon Budokan Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

14 February 2017

FAITH NO MORE | Underwater Love

Funk Metal?

Every now and again in music something comes along that is unique, different and just so god damn hard to categorise. So what happens, where do these strange new records slot into the shelves of your local record store? How do the media decide to describe these crazy new sounds to make it easier for themselves to determine which magazines should write the reviews? And how do the record labels know which group of trendy characters to sell their product to?

13 February 2017


At last night's 59th Annual Grammy awards in Los Angeles Metallica and Lady Gaga pulled off a daring performance of the song Moth Into Flame together.

12 February 2017

FAITH NO MORE | February 1993 | Select Magazine

Ever been intrigued by Mike Patton and Roddy Bottum's eyebrow piercing? Read Roddy's take on the piercing phenomenon.