23 June 2017

What The World Needs Now? A MR. BUNGLE Reunion

The announcement that Secret Chiefs 3 will be supporting Dead Cross has stirred up that burning question.... Will Mr. Bungle reform?

TREY SPRUANCE | On Secret Chiefs 3 Supporting Dead Cross and Future Projects

Secret Chiefs 3 have been announced as support on the Dead Cross Tour this summer. 

21 June 2017

DEAD CROSS | New video for 'Seizure and Desist'

Dead Cross are pulling out all the stops to promote their upcoming self-titled album out on August 4th via Ipecac.

20 June 2017


On June 20th 1989 Faith No More released their third album and the first with Mike Patton.....The Real Thing.

11 June 2017

FAITH NO MORE RARITIES | #7 The World Is Yours

Recorded during the Angel Dust sessions at coast Recorders in San Francisco. The working title was Sample song due to the 'gratuitous use of samples', as the record company described it, and therefore was excluded from the album.