19 August 2017

FAITH NO MORE | We Care A Lot Band Deluxe Edition Released One Year ago

On August 19th 2016 Faith No More re-released their debut album We Care A Lot via Koolarrow Records.

16 August 2017

DEAD CROSS | Shows at Las Vegas and Tempe.

The Dead Cross tour presses on and each show seems to be as intense and brutal as the last. Mike Patton even had chance to bowl during their set in Vegas!

15 August 2017

RODDY BOTTUM | Listen to the BBC Radio Scotland Interview

BBC Radio Scotland welcomed Roddy Bottum and cast members of Sasquatch, The Opera into the studio today (August 15th).

14 August 2017


The man behind Secret Chiefs 3, Mr. Bungle and the guitar on Faith No More's King For A Day...Fool For A Lifetime celebrates his 48th birthday today.

12 August 2017