24 July 2017

DEAD CROSS | New video for 'Obedience School.'

Dead Cross have shared a brand new video for the song Obedience School from their upcoming self titled album released on August 4th via Ipecac.

22 July 2017

MIKE PATTON | Crank : High Voltage Soundtrack for the first time on vinyl

For the first time ever, Mike Patton's score from the movie Crank : High Voltage is released on vinyl.

21 July 2017


Ex Faith No More guitarist Jim Martin celebrates his 56th birthday today.

19 July 2017

The Rock n' Roll Circus Of 1992 | Faith No More, Guns N Roses, Metallica, Soundgarden

It's twenty-five years since Metallica and Guns 'N' Roses set out upon their ill-fated double headliner tour. Faith No More were along for the ride and to undermine the whole thing. 

17 July 2017

EVIDENCE | 22 Years

On July 17th 1995 Faith No More released Evidence, their third single from King For A Day Fool For A Lifetime.

10 July 2017

7 July 2017

BILL GOULD | Watch Sonar FM Radio Interview In Chile

Bill Gould has returned to Chile to take part in the 10th anniversary shows with Como Asesinar A Felipes, who are signed to his label Koolarrow Records

6 July 2017

Definitive Faith No More biography set for release in September 2018

Jawbone Press, the leading UK music book publishers, will release Small Victories, the new definitive biography of Faith No More written by former BBC and Guardian journalist Adrian Harte, in autumn 2018.

MIKE PATTON | First Ever Shows Outside the U.S.A

Continuing our story of Mike Patton's early days in Faith No More

5 July 2017

FAITH NO MORE | July 1992 | Creem Magazine

Sequestered in Studio City's charming Scream Studios, Faith No More are furiously racing the clock to finish mixing their new album, Angel Dust. Bad enough that in four days vocalist Mike Patton heads out on tour with his other band, Mr. Bungle. But the record label's also clamouring for finished product. And so far they've only completed three songs.

1 July 2017

25 June 2017

FAITH NO MORE | Sounds | 10.06.1989

After replacing flamboyant singer  Chuck Mosely with newcomer Mike  Patton, can Faith No More still cut it? They think so but Paul Elliott remains to be convinced. 

MATT WALLACE | Brazilian Masterclass with Audio Arena

For the first time in Brazil. The opportunity to learn the techniques and secrets of one of the greatest music producers on the planet.

24 June 2017

BILL GOULD Returns To Chile | Como Asesinar a Felipes Más Amigos

Koolarrow Records' Chilean hip hop / jazz outfit Como Asesinar a Felipes are celebrating their tenth year as a band.

DEAD CROSS | Eric Livingston On 'Seizure and Desist' Video

As always we aim to dig deeper and get you guys as much detail as possible. We spoke with the artist behind the cover of the upcoming Dead Cross album and brutal video for Seizure and Desist.

20 June 2017


On June 20th 1989 Faith No More released their third album and the first with Mike Patton.....The Real Thing.

11 June 2017

FAITH NO MORE RARITIES | #7 The World Is Yours

Recorded during the Angel Dust sessions at coast Recorders in San Francisco. The working title was Sample song due to the 'gratuitous use of samples', as the record company described it, and therefore was excluded from the album.

8 June 2017

ANGEL DUST 25 | The Most Influential Album of All Time

In May 2003 Kerrang! Magazine (issue 953 ) published a feature titled The 50 Most Influential Albums of All Time.

ANGEL DUST 25 | Making Of The Album

The Story of how the astounding and inspiring album Angel Dust  was recorded. Written with the help of the band, referencing interviews with the five members and those who were involved.

7 June 2017

ANGEL DUST 25 | Addicted To Angel Dust (My Story)

In 1992 I developed a problem, a serious addiction to Angel Dust. If I wrote anywhere else but on a Faith No More fan page people would be I'm hoping concerned, however I think within this community it's possibly a problem we all have. 
The fourth album by FNM is mainlined into my ears at least once a month, until my veins are bursting with their intoxicating music. 

5 June 2017

3 June 2017

Album Of The Year 20 | Making The Album

The Story of how Album Of The Year was recorded. Written with the help of the band, referencing interviews with the five members and those who were involved.

31 May 2017

1990 Photographs Slash Records Present Faith No More Their Gold Records

Two great photographs of the team at Slash Records presenting Faith No More with their gold records for The Real Thing have surfaced.

27 May 2017

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW | Max Cavalera Talks to us about 'Angel Dust'

Faith No More's masterpiece Angel Dust celebrates its 25th anniversary this month. And we have been working hard to bring you some exciting articles.

14 May 2017

FAITH NO MORE | May 1990 | Melody Maker

Despite drinking, screwing, beating the crap out there of each other and enjoying themselves far more than is safe and healthy, Faith No More are on top of the world - Hit singles, queues of autograph hunters, huge venues and appearances on Top Of The Pops.
Neil Perry hitched a ride on their recent British tour and witnessed their moronic inferno take light.