FAITH NO MORE RARITIES | #2 The New Improved Song

New Improved Song was originally released on a 7 inch vinyl disc which was given free with issue 1574 of SOUNDS magazine on March 12th 1988.

It was released by Faith No More after Introduce Yourself but had appeared in set lists as early as 1986.

We asked Chuck Mosley a few questions about the song and he confirmed that is was written in their early days as a band also that is was recorded with the intention of appearing on Introduce Yourself.

As for the lyrics, Chuck didn't attribute any meaning to them other than 'Actions speak louder than words...that's what it means.'

It was recorded in Matt Wallace's full studio, not as a demo.

Of course the music was later recorded with Mike Patton on vocals as The Morning After.

The song was later made available on the compilation The Very Best Definitive Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection in 2009.


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