TOUR SOL INVICTUS | 31.07.2015 | Raleigh


Red Hat Amphitheater Raleigh, North Carolina.

Tour poster

By Jared Connor at Mexican Chocolate design available now at Secret Serpents.

Tour Talk Episode 3

Roddy used his three minute broadcast to chat with Michael Brennan, Faith No More's sound engineer, about his barbecue skills amongst other things. Brennan is up for 'sound engineer of the year' award at PSNEurope's Pro Sound Awards.

We also got a short glimpse of Mike Patton and Mike Bordin having backstage fun in a paddling pool. Very funny stuff!

Set List

The highlight of the set was surely the inclusion of 'A Small Victory' which was last played in Belgium 2010, the last time state side was 1993.

Be Aggressive
Sunny Side Up
Everything’s Ruined
Midlife Crisis (with The Lion Sleeps Tonight)
A Small Victory
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Separation Anxiety
King for a Day
Ashes to Ashes

Cone of Shame
We Care a Lot
Just a Man

Photos / Reviews

Faith No More w/ Refused Live At Red Hat Amphitheater - Raleigh
By: Chris Dunbar
Photography by Gabriel Nelson

Faith No More has been around off and on for the better part of three decades and a key to that longevity has been its founding members — bassist Billy Gould, drummer Mike Bordin, and keyboardist Roddy Bottum — being a constant throughout that time. The dreadlocked Bordin played the skins with precision, power, and accented grace, while the nimble fingers of Gould punctuated fills and complemented Bordin, providing the groove that worked as the consistent thread unifying FNM’s diverse sound. Roddy Bottum’s contribution on keyboards provided a theatrical component that enhanced the rock and metal sound and somehow made it seem darker and heavier. Lead guitarist Jon Hudson (technically “the newest” member of the band, sort of) demonstrated a clear ability with the music that came before his tenure and made those parts his own. All of this gave singer and master of ceremonies, Mike Patton, the proper canvas on which to color with his vocals. And a singer like Patton has a colorful palette. From song to song, he shifted from a growling scream to a soulful croon to almost operatic-like vocal sounds.

In the middle of one particularly psychedelic section of a song, someone a few rows behind me yelled “You guys are f***ing weird! . . . And I love it!” If the men from Faith No More had heard that, they likely would’ve just thanked him and then quoted one of their encore songs, “We Care a Lot”: It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.


5/5. I did not show up thinking I would give a 5-star rating to Faith No More. (Hell, I didn’t think I’d give Refused a 4/5 either). But after that set, I wish I had more stars to give. This was one reunion tour that was indeed life-changing. (Regardless of what a Yankee Indy Week reporter has to say about it.



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