TOUR SOL INVICTUS | 05.08.2015 | New York


The Theater at Madison Square Garden, New York.

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Tour Talk Episode 7

Roddy spends three minutes with Steven Barrymore Blush. Steven booked FNM in 1985 into their first big venues. 

Set List

The Real Thing
Be Aggressive
Everything’s Ruined
Black Friday
Midlife Crisis (with Boz Scaggs – ‘Lowdown’)
A Small Victory
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Separation Anxiety
Ashes to Ashes

Just a Man

Photos / Reviews

The Supernaughts

No MSG, No Problem as Faith No More Rocks the Theater
By Dan Milcz

The band came out for a three-song encore featuring another new track (“Motherfucker’), another Angel Dust classic (“RV”) and a favorite of theirs to play live (“Just a Man”). From start to finish the band was feverishly giving it their all, sweating through their white outfits and making them pretty much see through by the end of the show. Patton’s voice never wavered once, hitting every single note with such ease that you just know he must be doing some kind of Voodoo to keep his singing capabilities so perfect after all of these years and shows. Billy Gould’s bass made the Theater come to life and Jon Hudson’s guitar work was so stellar, going from shredding to wah wah funkiness in a blink of an eye. Add in Bottum’s terrific keyboards (see the aforementioned “Epic” and “Superhero”) as well as Bordin’s relentless drumming and you have one of the most entertaining shows you will ever see.

The Line Of Best fit - Shaun Regan

The Bowery Presents - Adela Loconte


They Faith No More, Refused @ Theater @ MSG: August 5, 2015
“MSG is for hockey and Billy Joel. You guys belong in the theater.”
By Keith Marlowe

The band sauntered on to a completely white stage, all members decked out in mostly white. They performed four songs off their new album, Sol Invictus, which fit in just fine with the basic career-spanning set list—though only only one song off their last release, 1997′s Album Of The Year and a concentration on the well known stuff. They dedicated their usual cover song, the Commodores’ Easy, to Lenny Kravitz’s penis, which reportedly broke through his leather pants during a recent performance, a fact that seemed to delight Faith No More as they mentioned it several times.

During Midlife Crisis, the band quit playing while the crowd sang the chorus, and then silly shaman Mike Patton changed up the tempo while a light hit the disco ball and the place lit up like a roller rink. They ended the set with Superman off the new album.

The encore started with Motherfucker. It dawned on me that they probably wrote that song just so they could say that word over and over again. During RV, a song where a man is wondering where his children are, Patton changed some of the lyrics to wonder if they were upstairs at the Garden, which got a big laugh from the crowd. They closed with the soaring Just a Man, the final song off King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime. Like that self decreciating album title that fit the evening’s general storyline, the sense of goofy humor Faith No More has always displayed kept any bruised egos at bay, and made for a show that satisfied the faithful who waited through 18 years for a new album and two ticket finaglings for this show.

Brooklyn Vegan - Dana Yavin

New Noise Magazine - Rebecca Reed

Culture Collide - James Alvarez

The Real Thing! CVLT Nation captures FAITH NO MORE // REFUSED in New York
By Nathaniel Shannon

After a short changeover to the dress the stage in white flower boxes to match the bands white guitar and bass cabs, drummer Mike Bordin sat down at the kit and began the drum intro to “The Real Thing.” The crowd went wild, a fantastic song to start off the set. The rest of the band, dressed in white yoga gear, followed suit. They ripped through a great set mixing old jams and new jams. Highlights included “Everything’s Ruined,” “Caffeine,” “Midlife Crisis” and their cover of the Commodores hit “Easy.” Mike Patton thanked the crowed for sticking with the band despite the ticketing clusterfuck. The band took a small break and returned for the encore, starting with the first single off the new record, “Motherfucker.” The energy was building back up and the band tore into “RV,” a fan favorite that they haven’t played until this tour since 1993. I witnessed quite a few friends in the pit push their way to the front to sing along. The amount of smiling faces for a crowd in New York was inspiring to see.

Loudwire - Liz Ramanand



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