FAITH NO MORE released 'Album Of The Year' 22 years ago!

Faith No More's sixth studio album Album Of The Year was released on June 3rd 1997. 
It was the last record FNM released before their 11 year hiatus. The lineup featured new guitarist Jon Hudson and it was the first record in which the band (Bill Gould) took a defining role in the production.

Below you will find links to various press articles related to the album.

🖹MAY 1997 | ZILLO

🖹10.05.1997 | KERRANG! | Issue 647 | Walk on the Wild Side | Paul Brannigan

🖹24.05.1997 | KERRANG! | Issue 649 | Strangers In a Strange Land | Paul Brannigan

🖹24.05.1997 | KERRANG! | Issue 649 | Odd Men Out | Liam Sheils

🖹14.06.1997 | KERRANG! | My Record Collection MIKE PATTON

🖹JUNE 1997 | METAL HAMMER | The Nutters Return

🖹JUNE 1997 | NME | Poo What A Scorcher | John Perry

🖹JUNE 1997 | METAL HAMMER | Dan Silver

🖹JUNE 1997 | VOX | Cool For a Lifetime | Jerry Ewing

🖹JUNE 1997 | Album Network Magazine | Michael D. Vogel

🖹19.07.1997 | KERRANG! | Issue 657 | My Record Collection : Mike Bordin

🖹02.08.1997 | KERRANG! | Issue 659 | Men In Black | Jason Arnopp

🖹SEPTEMBER 1997 | KEYBOARD MAGAZINE | Making Album Of The Year

🖹29.11.1997 | KERRANG! | Issue 678 | Morat


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