On July 9th 2001 Fantomas released The Director's Cut via Ipecac Recordings.

Mike Patton | Omen (Score by Jerry Goldsmith)
"This bombastic score absolutely made the movie. If you watch the film with the sound muted, you will see what I mean. Beautiful choir textures that, over time, have become iconic in the horror genre."
Mike Patton |  Rosemary's Baby (Score by Christopher Komeda)
"Simply put, one of the simplest and most haunting themes ever written."

Mike Patton is of course a film lover, and one with a gloriously eclectic taste. This album by Fantomas is a perfect example of this as he, Lombardo, Dunn and Osborne thrash out sixteen movie and TV themes in their ferious style. 


NME | 2005 | 8/10
'Patton croons devilishly while skyscrapers collapse behind him, and the result is pure rock operatics'

Drowned In Sound | 2001 | 9/10
'It’s a genre breaking, irreverent album that bridges everything from metal, jazz, sludgecore, grunge, and abstract electronica. Its’ ominous, foreboding, spooky and often hilarious. It knows no boundaries. Its also an acquired taste. But a taste well worth acquiring. It may be uneasy listening , but I’ll say this: its one of the most challenging, and rewarding albums of the year.'

CMJ | 2001
'If you didn't like Patton before, you probably still won't, but this album goes a long way toward cementing his reputation as an artist rather than a mere noise maker.'

Pitchfork | 2001 | 8.4
'In a world where Mike Patton sliced and diced musical genres, no one was prepared for...The Director's Cut'

Sputnik | 2005 | 5/5
'For people who want to get into Fantômas...this is prolly the best record to start out's hard not to like how these theme songs have been covered.'


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