Happy birthday to Maor Appelbaum.

For those unfamiliar with Maor, he is the mastering engineer who worked on Faith No More Sol Invictus and more recently the reissue of We Care A Lot
To celebrate his birthday we have collected a few interviews with the man himself for your reading pleasure. 

"It was an amazing experience working with such great people as Bill Gould and Matt Wallace. Both are very passionate, artistic and connected very deep into the music."

"A Mastering Engineer is an expert at looking at the big picture. They are like an objective listener, with control"

"I have known Billy Gould (bassist, producer and engineer of Faith No More) for some years now. We like to talk about gear and music, and he asked me if I would be interested in trying out mastering the first single he had produced, engineered and mixed for a limited edition 7” vinyl called “Mother****er”. A few months later, I had mastered the second limited edition 7” vinyl “Superhero”, which he produced and engineered as well, but had mixed in collaboration with Matt Wallace. It featured a B-Side remix by Alex Hacke of Einstürzende Neubauten.
Around February I got to master the whole “Sol Invictus” album, which was produced and engineered by Billy Gould and mixed by Gould and Matt Wallace. The two singles were remixed again by Gould and Wallace and I remastered them differently for the album, in order to fit with the other songs. The whole process was a natural progression from mastering the first singles and remixes to the whole album. Collaborating with both Gould and Wallace was very inspiring – both are very nice, down-to-earth, super talented people. I feel very blessed to be the mastering engineer on this album."


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