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Great interview by our French counterparts. Thanks Stevens Drean and Antoine Chuzeville.
"I'm a pretty ambitious guy by nature, and when it comes to music a bit of a perfectionist, so i can't honestly say that i achieve all of my goals, personally, and i'm not even sure if that is possible. However, i am happy with where everything went, and believe that we made the absolute best out of what we had to work with. It was essential that we went into this with a team spirit. And it was great, as artists, to do something that applies to the decade we are living in now, rather than have to live up to the past, or people's view of the past."
"I would love to think we could do a headlining European tour in the future, because fans definitely deserve it, but also because these shows tend to be much more fun."
"I know a lot of people who do the fan blogs and websites personally. I think this goes back to my relationship with the online community in the 90's, which was much smaller but a very close group. I see the same thing happening now."

The stories and quirks behind his 2005 Les Paul Standard
"I have three Standards out here on the road. Sometimes we have certain fly dates and some guitars stay behind for another show. Basically, we always have a spare just in case, if we don't get to bring everything with us. But I pretty much play the majority of the show with one guitar."

"I think I've had it about eight years, I bought it on Craigslist. It's basically a stock guitar but it felt a very comfortable and an ideal guitar for me. When our band got back together, I've been using it mainly ever since. I have a second guitar that's very similar to this one, they're basically interchangeable. The colours are so similar it's hard to tell them apart on the stage so we have them marked accordingly."

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Faith No More We Care A Lot (1985) 
When Chuck Mosley pseudo-rapped that his generation did indeed care about ‘disasters, fires, floods and killer bees’ and the ‘NASA shuttle falling in the sea’ over the punchiest slap-bass riff we’d ever heard – cannily punctuated by ‘Big’ Jim Martin’s razor-wire guitar – it was the first indication that funk and metal could cheerfully co-exist.

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Faith No More (July 8, 2012) 
While Brixton welcomed the newly-reunited FNM in 2009, they closed off The Second Coming Tour with a two-date finale in 2012, which included the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith, serving as fitting substitute for their cancelled Sonisphere headliner spot. Every FNM gig is epic – but this one included a brief cover of Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up. 


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Piano by Chris Connolly. Backing Vocals by Mike Patton, Minnie Driver, Mimi Parker, Will Oldham and Rachel Goswell.


CHUCK MOSLEY (former lead singer for FAITH NO MORE) will be at the store to celebrate the release of his new album “Demos for Sale”. He will be doing a Q&A, playing a few songs and then hanging to meet fans, take pictures and sign some autographs! To get into this event you will need to purchase his new CD or LP to get a wristband to attend this event.  When you order online there is a $4 paypal fee. If you order at the store there is no fee. When you check out make sure you choose INSTORE PICK UP.  No matter what you choose for shipping NO web orders ship. You can pick up your order at the store or the day of the event if you like. Just bring ID to pick up your web order. You can order either the CD or the LP to get into this event.  


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