TOUR SOL INVICTUS | 27.09.2015 | Santiago


Santiago Gets Louder. Santiago, Chile.

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From Out Of Nowhere
Everything's Ruined
Black Friday
Midlife Crisis
Chinese Arithmetic
Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
Separation Anxiety
Ashes To Ashes

Sol Invictus
Cone Of Shame

We Care A Lot

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Faith No More en Santiago Gets Louder 2015: Un Manjar musical

The second song was the one who opened fire immediately: 'From Out of Nowhere', a classic of its album The Real Thing (1990) that broke out in a parched rock crowd, although not sound keyboard with efficient property . The barking we anticipated the powerful 'Caffeine' rang with Billy Gould noting its power to low and detached wonder of "Angel Dust" (1992) as 'Everything's Ruined' great success of the show.
The shift was to the remarkable 'Evidence' in Spanish with a sound that was going to accommodating more and more, and problems with the keyboards were correcting, and 'Epic', another jewel of old that could not miss, and all the fans were very happy as he was giving the show so far.
But Patton until that moment had not had much interaction with the public, which is a classic and the total aggregate shows FNM. It's time to 'Midlife Crisis' and before starting Patton and Spanish very Mexicanized says "wait a moment, this song is dedicated to a very, very special old poet, philosopher and TV presenter ... their name is Mr. Don Corleone !! Chanchisco. ", sparking laughter in the crowd. Obviously both for him and his fans that episode of the Telethon with Don Francisco he stood rooted as one of the key moments of his romance with Chile. It also gave repeating prompted by the public, "a delicacy", as was the word used in the video of his arrival in Chile. The theme rang with wave disco parties as Patton announced, which proved to be a great live version.

Rock Nvivo

Faith No More: buscando el equilibrio

By Cristián Valderrama

A scenario completely dyed white, with countless flower arrangements and a disco ball hanging on top received the band, also dressed in white. Mike Patton was born in wheelchairs to center stage, and from there He began to sing "Motherfucker" theme of his latest album Sol Invictus (2015), the first after 18 years of silence. And "recovered", the singer got up and "From out of Nowhere" became the first big punch of the night.

Then two large cuts of Angel Dust (1992) succeeded: "Caffeine" and "Everything's Ruined", the latter with extensive work Mike Bordin on drums and Billy Gould on bass, seasoned with the unmistakable voice of Patton.

The ballad "Evidence" something came to calm tempers, sung in Spanish, and a classic of the group when it comes to visit, bringing greater insight is achieved with the national audience. "This is a manjars" Patton says, referring to the popular Chilean video that went viral on social networks. Little lasted this moment of relaxation, since "Epic," an emblem of his compositions, brought back strength, as a hymn being sung by all, with their fists. In its final part (keyboards) melody was echoed by the public.

Roddy Bottum (keyboards) and its frontman were responsible for addressing those present in a Spanish that increasingly strive to deliver the best possible way, as well as "soaking" of the Creole culture with Chilean slang and scribbles. After the new "Black Friday", "Midlife Crisis" inevitable another of Angel Dust - appeared and was dedicated to Don Francisco, "Don Corleone".

A trip to the past came from the hand of "Chinese Arithmetic", a surprise cut of his second plate Introduce Yourself (1987), while still voice Chuck Mosley. "The Gentle Art of Making Enemies" causes more uproar as "Easy", original of The Commodores, masterfully versioned by the quintet, he rocked the hands of the audience swaying melody.

"Separation Anxiety" (with Patton singing so paranoid) and "Matador" of Sol Invictus brought new issues to the ring, but did not seem greatly encourage those present, which changed dramatically with "Ashes to Ashes". "Superhero" -better recibida- was commissioned to finish the first part of the show.

After a short break that served to take some forces, Faith No More lashed with new songs: "Sol Invictus" and "Cone of Shame" and gave the coup de grace with "We Care a Lot", with low Gould impeccable and precise sounding guitar Jon Hudson. Finishing, Faith No More a picture was taken with a Chilean flag unfurled, then thanked the unconditional support of the national public, that with which they already have a special symbiosis and which receives as one house on each visit.

Faith No More: La nostalgia quedó atrás
By Maria de los Angeles Cerda / Photos Jorge Lopez

The enormous respect Faith No More has gained not only from the fans but also the musicians lies in the authenticity that has always left the edge of the mainstream, too strange to be pop, too absurd to be metal. And on that layer they have built time-tested songs, venerated by the local public. Nobody can explain why the Chileans called attention both Faith No More, but have followed suit. Last night was no exception, and in between greetings, smiles and mutual cheers, Californians culminated the cycle of "Sol Invictus", but not before promising a speedy return. Indeed, the freshness of Californians still in full force.

El rugido de Santiago Gets Louder invadió la capital
By Marcelo Contreras

The last to enter was Mike Patton wheelchair and with a cane in his lap, an allusive chistecillo his phenomenal whack a few days ago at Rock in Rio, when his booby the hearing ended in a ditch. The band blasted with Motherfucker, one of the featured tracks from his latest album this year Sol Invictus. Of course, the singer was not seriously injured. Less your throat. As usual.

Patton was even better than in many streamings that could pre-screen to Santiago Gets Louder, it is that you could tell was the final show of a tour that saw the band trying to take its place once and for all, and in part he succeeded. Chile is a special case. Love by Faith No More and the figure of Mike Patton makes every occasion FNM in these parts is massive, but the rest of the world is a cult band, closer to indie, and from that margin is commendable see Faith No More so comfortably leading a festival, taking the center of the light, not just earning it, but also with the feeling that they were born for that. Maybe that's why they picked that scenario to close this tour and seeing 85 minute show without doubt that it was a good decision.

The FNM was set concise, compact, without further ado, and so enjoyed the band plays topics recently, as " Spirit "which closes" Introduce Yourself "(1987), or" Chinese Arithmetic "on the same disk which sounded especially well with many ties in with the sound of "Sol Invictus". Of course, the most memorable moments came with the classics. "Midlife Crisis" was not only the breaking wave disk, but was also featured as a song "Don Chanchisco Corleone" for Patton at any moment take him to the Festival of Vine, because he enjoys every chilenizada size shooting like It was the best of his life. But it also sounded very strong new songs. " Black Friday "sounded like a song that could easily have sent Morrissey few years ago; " Separation Anxiety "pure anxiety and transmitting power; " Matador "and" Cone Of Shame "had increased the gloom of the double disc, and so none of these songs was short relative to the whole. Of course the audience reactions were quite mesuradas amid the crowd about it. Obviously, many do not understand that this is not a show to display a set of greatest hits, as were all previous shows, but here FNM showed a new material, with all that that implies.


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