TOUR SOL INVICTUS | 25.09.2015 | Rock In Rio


Rock In Rio VI. Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil.

Set List

From Out of Nowhere
Black Friday
Midlife Crisis
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Separation Anxiety
Ashes to Ashes

I Started a Joke 
We Care a Lot
Just a Man

Photos / Reviews

Faith No More tem Mike Patton 'kamikaze' e insano no Rock in Rio
By Cauê Muraro

Just an ordinary night's work for Mike Patton. In order to "Caffeine", the third of the show through the absurd Faith No More on Friday (25) at Rock in Rio, the singer thought it was right to jump from the World Stage walkway to (try to) fall on the fans. But he miscalculated, and the landing took place on the grid separating the audience.
"He's dead!" Shouted a young man nearby. But Patton not only did not die as even ruffled his hair fixed gel. Anchored by security guards, returned to the stage and continued singing quite well (and screaming and empostando voice and making guttural sounds ...), speaking Portuguese.

Noite do metal no Rock in Rio proporciona miscelânea Sonora

The Faith No More, however, tried to ignore these musical differences. Hellions, the "boys" came back with everything for the Rock in Rio after 24 years of absence. What we saw there was a Mike Patton inspired. White attire, spoke a few words in Portuguese, joked with the audience and paraded a flurry of hits. Epic, through Ashes To Ashes, Midlife Crisis and Easy. A very exciting moment came in I Started A Joke, cover of the Bee Gees. Mike dropped his voice and reminded his best moments in front of the group. The lead singer of Faith No More was really inspired. Halfway through the show, Mike jumped from the walkway is opposite the World Stage, trying to go straight to the public, but fell in the ditch where are the photographers and the grid.

Rock in Rio 2015: Show do Faith No More tem tombo de Patton e resposta fria do público
By Bruno Eduardo

Unlike twenty four years ago when they made history at the festival by debunking the Guns N 'Roses, this time Faith No More did not have the same power to conquer the icy audience at Rock City.

Keeping the same scenography of their last - and great - going through the country in 2011, the quintet started the show with the weak  "Motherfucker," from their new album, Sol Invictus.   However, the sequence with two ancient of strokes ("From Out Of Nowhere "and" Caffeine ") tried to put things on the shaft. It was then that Mike Patton, visibly altered, fell into the pit of photographers to missing a mosh - leading fans and production to be concerned about the physical state of the singer. From then on, Patton spent the entire show grimacing in pain and remained static on stage. "Quiet," he said. But what we saw was the opposite. The singer seemed bothered by the audience response and her vocal performance, which seemed pretty committed (less caipirinha, Mike!).

The super hit "Epic" logo appeared in the beginning of the presentation, and gave a false impression that everything would go on celebration mood. But not even the most successful of the group was able to captivate the maggots (as Slipknot fans are known). Other famous of MTV times were "Midlife Crisis" and "Easy" - also ignored by the black shirts. "! Sing" shouted Patton - without hiding the irritation with the coldness of the audience. But it was not granted. The nostalgic, only "Ashes To Ashes" made ​​the audience jump really. Perhaps this was a more appropriate show the Sunset Stage, as the band maintains a much more intimate atmosphere than the festival itself suggests.

Even if receptivity was not the hottest, the group also did strength to change the picture - the which is normal from them. The band decided to follow the script, thus eliminating some songs that might have been more appropriate to a great festival - as "Be Aggressive", "Land Of Sunshine", "The Real Thing," "A Small Victory", "Digging the Grave "and" Falling To Pieces ". The new album, they presented four songs, especially the steamroller "Separation Anxiety" and the energetic "Superhero" -. Both very well accepted 

The show still had time for an encore contract, where they  preferred to keep the protocol on cover totally dispensable  of "I Started A Joke". Not even the great "Just A Man" and the classic - finally! - "We Care A Lot" were able to shine this presentation, which unfortunately, is bound to be remembered only by the fall of Mike Patton.  A shame because Faith No More is much more than that.

Rock in Rio: Faith No More retorna ao festival com mosh mal calculado de Mike Patton
By Marcos Chapeleta

Rock in Rio 2015: Mike Patton erra pulo, mas não abandona show de volta do Faith No More ao festival

The show traditionally followed with the hit "Epic", the new "Black Friday," another hit "Midlife Crisis" - paused for a public chorus - "The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies" and more known to the public, "Easy "(famous version of the Commodores). In 1991, when Faith No More was still not as well known, the show at the Rock in Rio definitely had more energy and insanity of the group members. Twenty-four years later, already consolidated, they have the audience singing along almost the entire show, despite the greater sobriety.

They also played two other Sol Invictus (less new album that the latest shows): "Separation Anxiety" and "Superhero", and "Ashes to Ashes" and another version for "I Started a Joke", the Bee Gees. Before ending with "Just A Man", Faith No More also played a song from the first album - when Patton still was not even in the band - the darling of the audience, "We Care A Lot," a track that has been forgotten (despite requests the public) at the show in Sao Paulo.



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