FAITH NO MORE have kicked off the second leg (US and Canada) with their first show at Pacific National Exhibition Forum in Vancouver. We will update this post as more news comes in.

  • Faith No More 2.0 are on the ball as always with a fantastic up to date summary of the night so far. 

  • The tour poster is available on Secret Serpents. Designed by Sinclair Klugarsh and Mick Gray.

  • Setlist: Including 'Sol Invictus' tracks. 
Land of Sunshine 
Sunny Side Up  
Get Out 
Midlife Crisis 
Last Cup of Sorrow 
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies 
Cuckoo for Caca 
King for a Day
Ashes to Ashes Superhero 
Sol Invictus  
We Care a Lot 
Digging the Grave 
From the Dead  

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    The first review is written by Anil Sharma at CTV News, read the full article HERE.
    Oddness was another: the band’s flair for the weird reflected in both Patton’s between song banter (“Anybody got an espresso maker around here?) and new tracks like the Radiohead-tinged minor key “Sunny Side Up.”
    Vancouver was also be blessed with a tiny piece of rock history as Faith No More delivered the first ever performance of the title track from their forthcoming album “Sol Invictus.”
    “Give it a minute,” requested keyboardist Roddy Bottum, ”then cheer like you do recognize it.”
    “How are we doing?” asked Patton halfway through the show. Partly joking as it was, this interaction with the crowd was another sign of the band having been self-aware of their own progression and whether the new music was going to satisfy their nostalgic fans.
    That concern seem understandable. When a band releases their first new material since 1998, it’s difficult to predict just where they’re going to find themselves on the current music scene. Thankfully, all these years, the band members were far from inactive. After over a decade of experimenting across all genres of music, it would only be logical that Faith No More have much more to offer now than ever.
    Faith No More did their best to not look like they thought too much of themselves. “Vancouver, you look like shit” was how Patton’s summed it up. “But we’re even worse.”

    HMV CANADA - Zac

    If there is one word that describes this show, it’s epic (cheeky yet appropriate). The show was packed with pretty much every song that you would want the band to play. From newer tracks such as “Superhero” and “Motherf**ker” off their upcoming release to hits such as “Epic” and “Easy” the set-list was a very well-paced and perfectly chosen. They even played a number of songs not expected, reaching back through their entire catalogue.
    The band sounded phenomenal and was in fine form, which was very good news for those looking forward to seeing them on this tour. Mike Patton impressed with his amazing voice - being able to croon, to scream, to yell, and to pull off any number of vocal styles at a moment’s notice. Worth waiting 15 years for. Hopefully it won’t take as long for their next stop

    VIES MAGAZINE - Daniel W Young

    The lights went down and the band quietly made their way on stage. The crowd, on the other hand, was far from quiet. The crowd roared until they heard the familiar sound of keyboardist, Rodney Bottum, and as the spotlight turned towards him the crowd was momentarily silenced, yet happy. While all eyes were on the spotlit keyboardist, they failed to notice that the semi-nutso, Mike Patton, had made his way to centre stage. That was when the whirlwind craziness started and lasted more than a good hour.


Jamie Taylor


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    From The Dead is the perfect track to end a gig!!!!


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