POSTS FOR BREAKFAST #27 | Cover Stories, Interviews and New Date!

FAITH NO MORE are making more headlines than ever before!

  • Polish publication Teraz Rock feature FNM as their cover story in their May issue 147. Featuring an interview with Mike Bordin. Grab a copy HERE.
  • German publication Visions also feature FNM as their cover story in issue 266. Available to preview online HERE.

  • FNM 2.0 have posted about this great article from Cuepoint at which includes interviews with Roddy Bottum and Bill Gould by Jason Scavone. Find the full piece HERE.
“The reason it takes so long is getting to the point where you trust each other or respect each other enough where they’re doing something and your first reaction is it’s repellent. This guy had an idea that repels me. I don’t not like it, I hate it. Then getting through that initial reaction and realizing you have something there I didn’t see, it makes the music better. Trust has so much to do with getting out of your headspace.”
 “In terms of density and simplicity, a lot of our records that I look back to from Faith No More are very dense,” Bottum said. “It does sounds to me like a bunch of kids screaming and trying to be heard. The distance between making those records and now gave me sort of the clarity and perspective that maybe simple and space is a lot more resonant than a bombardment of tones at once.”
  • The original FNM fan site Caca Volante has reopened it's mailing list. Here's what they had to say via social media today.
    '20 Years Ago Today…
    On April 29, 1995, Billy Gould mentioned Caca Volante on MTV’s Superock.To celebrate this landmark, and because the video mentions the original mailing list, I have decided to try an experiment by re-opening the Caca Volante mailing list. In this day of social media, mailing lists may be seen by many as outdated and clunky, but some folks still like them. So let’s see if there’s enough interest to get this off the ground again. To subscribe, simply send an email to If you were subscribed five years ago when it closed, you should still be a member.'
  • Seattle festival Bumbershoot has anncounced FNM as their headliners for Sunday September 6th.



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