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  • FAITH NO MORE will be the cover story in issue 27 of French publication New Noise Magazine. With a full interview from the band.

  • At last nights show in Portland Faith. No Man keyboard player Wade Worthington was there 34 years after he played with Bill and Puffy. Wade was on the early recordings such as Song Of Liberty and Quiet In Heaven. More info on this era of history at Faith. No Man.

  • Classic Rock Magazine has given Sol Invictus 8/10 in a recent review of the album. Here are some choice quotes, read the full review HERE (with registration).
 Although there’s some mandatory, full-on metal propulsion– on Superhero, for example, a study in the futility of all-American derring-do – the real influence is the 80s goth for which the group have always declared their love; there are shades of the noir-ish narratives of Nick Cave on the title track, of Siouxsie And The Banshees’ colour-splashed goth on Sunny Side Up and of the Cramps’ lurid, Day-Glo death boogie on Cone Of Shame.
But there are also moments of bracing, fetid claustrophobia. For example on Separation Anxiety, with its quickening, chopping bass pulse as it’s impelled down dark, uncertain corridors, Patton’s panting vocal becoming increasingly hysterical as he loses touch with the overground. Or Black Friday, a backwards tour through an alternative, neglected rock’n’roll Hall Of Fame including Duane Eddy and The Replacements. Ultimately, on Matador and From The Dead, there is a sense of a group who have felt disinterred for too long and are ready to extend their hand from their still-warm grave and grasp rock’n’roll by the neck for one further throttle.

  • This fantastic picture of a Real Thing bean bag was posted by Mollyjosheart on Instagram today and had to share....amazing!



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