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As FAITH NO MORE leave Australia for their show at Westfest in New Zealand, more interviews are beginning to appear. Finally we hear MIKE PATTON speak about the new album.

Mike and BILL GOULD took time yesterday to talk to popular Australian station TRIPLE J. Although Bill takes the lead Mike does interject sounding very happy and content. When asked about the FNM sound he comments "I'm not sure we have a sound, we just do what we do and let the rest of the world figure it out."


The second interview we have found is with the usually quiet JON HUDSON. Online magazine GEARPHORIA have published an in depth article in which Jon speaks to Blake Wright mainly about his guitar equipment. But there are a couple of non technical questions that really give us the impression Jon is opening up about his position in FNM.

Here is a taste of what Jon has to say, when asked at what point he knew there was to be a new FNM album:

"I wasn't really focused on it too much. We played one new song (Matador) about three years ago. We took a wait-and-see approach, you know. Just Iet's see how it goes. The
band enjoyed playing u new song... the first one in ages, right? I don't even recall that there was a lot of discussion about it. It I remember correctly. Bill started writing some stuff maybe about a year after that.Then we all gradually started to work on it. It's the culmination of a couple of years worth of work."

On playing the older FNM material:

"I enjoy the older material a lot. We don't play everything of course. I don't really try and branch out any further than what is on those respective records. I'm not trying to put my mark on it.  There is no need for that. It doesn't need another 'signature' on it. I'm a huge fan of what the other guitar players had done in the band... Jim and Trey. I don't really
think I'd want to be in a band and play for this many years if I really didn't enjoy the material.
There is always something new to be learned by playing older material like this. Just like any other aspect of musicianship. You start to observe things that you might not have
picked up un a week before or a month before... or five years before.
This might have been most noticeable when we got back together in 2009. The band had basically split up for 10 years. It was really an interesting experience to come
back and examine all of the material again after such a break. I don't think I was the only one that felt that way about it."


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