2 March 2015


Here comes the media flood from FAITH NO MORE's third performance from SOUNDWAVE festival this year, Sydney.

The first review from Music Feeds, written by Emmy Mack, can be read in full HERE

It still wasn’t enough to keep me away from festival headliners, Faith No More. Mike Patton and co were commanding the main stage, and proving to thousands of people why they were the perfect choice to headline the festival. FNM have never been ones to lock themselves down to genre, with Saturday’s renditions of rap-rock classic Epic, piano ballad Easy, metal stormer Ashes To Ashes and the brand new doom-laden, politically-charged intro song, Motherfucker providing exhibits A through to D.
The band also launched into a spectacular mashup of their ’90s smash hit Midlife Crisis with a jaunty 60’s classic tune popularised by the world’s first domestic partnership between a meerkat and a warthog, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, which showcased yet another impressive dimension to Patton’s chameleonic voice.
Faith No More owned the night, and their obvious individuality and sometimes controversial, anti-establishment ideals truly embody the spirit of punk

PHOTO GALLERY - Liam Cameron


Faith No More made time pass too fast in a show full of humour and free of the cliched banter that begins to gall over two days.

DAILY REVIEW - Steele Rudd
Joint headliners Faith No More came out dressed like the lounge band on the worst Kontiki cruise ever, and it only got better from there. Mike Patton is camper than Carry On Camping, and his ineffable enthusiasm for everything from the reproductive process to The Lion Sleeps Tonight is as charming as an inappropriate uncle. Their melange of sound is as confusing and enthralling as it ever was, starting from a core of radio-friendly rock and went every which way afterwards.




MIKE PATTON met up with Sashya Jay from www.rhythmbrazil.com at a DELTRON 3030 whilst in Sydney.



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