ANGEL DUST 25 / ALBUM OF THE YEAR 20 | Sum It All Up In A Sentence

Can you describe what Faith No More's album mean to you in a sentence?
The 25th anniversary of Angel Dust and the 20th anniversary of Album Of The Year are approaching, and we at FNM Followers have lots of great articles to post over the next few weeks in celebration of these momentous occasions.
"Visionary venom, misanthropic majesty, grotesque grandeur Aesthetically and philosophically, 'Angel Dust' is profoundly, putridly offensive, but I keep coming back to it, like a scab." - Melody Maker
Melody Maker describing Angel Dust in 1992, however we want to know what these albums mean to you.....

We like you to describe what one or both albums mean to you in a sentence, or two but no more than 50 words. We will be using the best sentences for a post that celebrates how these amazing albums have effected the lives of Faith No More fans over the last two decades. 
You could include memories from your childhood, growing up with the music. You could tell us how a particular song has helped you through difficult times or reminds you of something special. Or you could just describe what a kick ass recording an album is. 

For a little inspiration check out our article on how Angel Dust changed one of our admins lives forever. Addicted To Angel Dust

We will be publishing the best of these in a future post and picking one to win a copy of Angel Dust [2015 Deluxe Edition Reissue] and Album Of The Year [2016 Deluxe Edition Reissue] on CD. 

The deadline is Monday June 26th. Please leave all your entries below. 


  1. Soon after its release, Angel Dust became the soundtrack to my youth. Recently the chorus of "Midlife Crisis" made it the soundtrack to my divorce.

    (Although I must post this anonymously to protect my privacy, I wanted to seize the opportunity of expressing my gratitude towards FNM for recording the most important album of my life, so thank you, guys!)

  2. I bought the CD thinking, well, it won't be boring. I believe it was June 92, I remember reading the line "my head is like lettuce...Go on and dig your thumbs, innn." the visual that came to me was never formalized, which is nice. RV was my favorite because I knew me and Mike were on the same page as I had recently purchase the Anthology the Wasteland by Dave Loupre pray and Dan Sweetman, it's in that comic that the line that ends that song first appears. Kindergarten walking around in another town listening to that really deeply while in school, Jizzlober followed up by Midnight Cowboy to end on a upbeat note, such a classy move.

    And then things got really resonant and strange, Mr Bungle was interviewed on a radio program in Canada called Brave New Waves, I think even Mike Patton was in the interview and he mentioned seeing GG Allin they played slowly growing deaf and I drove as fast as I could home to try and record it I'm pretty sure that it was either June December or January of either 1991 or 1992 I know mr. bungle was in Toronto in March 1992 but the interview may have been in Montreal and not related to touring, either way, when I saw the artwork and realized it was the same guys that were referenced from RV, it just bonded me more to this world, culminating should seeing Mr Bungle fur the disco volante tour as interviewing Danny Heifetz. I lost the recorder seconds after the interview somehow, and... Well one more thing

    The same show Brave New Waves I can distinctly remember it was like September or October 1992 and they had just played a full side from Type O Negative Origin of the Feces and then right after that finished they played Jizzlober, it was a remarkable combination that also made Type O Negative favorite band of mine.

    Reading the credits that Smaller and Smaller sampled Kronos Quartet which was again another band that I heard on Brave New Waves right when their Purple Haze cover came out, again just the universe that Faith No More created was Mind blowing considering that as much as I liked​ the Real Thing I didn't really think it was that great in the sense that I was already a fan of Fishbone and so going you know from schizophrenic genres wasn't​ an impressive, again, to bring it all back home I knew that when I bought Angel Dust in June that no matter what it wouldn't be boring, that it would be more interesting than anything else that you could buy at the time and well, I guess I was right. For the record I sense matured and enjoy every single Faith No More release the earlier the better in fact I bought the self-titled album or we care a lot about two years before the release and again I don't think they have a bad song, their whole span even the seagull song.

    Okay this is it my true Last Story I'm friends with a Canadian pop singer named Chantal kreviazuk and when she was recording her first album, maybe it was their second album but I'm pretty sure it was her first album and Matt Wallace was helping her either record or produce, he was obviously trying to diversify and get you know get some pop music money and you can't blame them however she called me from the studio and told me what she was up to and that he was there and I said oh is that the same Matt Wallace that produced Faith No More and she said yeah and I said something along the lines of is her album going to sound like Jizzlober? She said his face kind of went like well a really strange look came across it this was probably summer 1995.
    Okay that's it.


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