1990 Photographs Slash Records Present Faith No More Their Gold Records

Two great photographs of the team at Slash Records presenting Faith No More with their gold records for The Real Thing have surfaced.

The first was found for sale on Ebay, and after Matt Wallace shared the vintage image Randy Haecker formerly of Slash shared a second with us.
"This shot from 1989 captures the staff of SLASH RECORDS presenting a Gold record to FAITH NO MORE for their "The Real Thing" LP. The shot features the band, management, the staff of Slash Records, select folks from Warner Bros. Records." 
"As I recall, the reason this photo was presented to the band at LAX was because they had just returned from Europe and were waiting for a connecting flight to somewhere else."
L to R: (Squatting) Bill Gould, Bryan Ray Turcotte, Anna Statman, ?, Roz Music, Stephanie Bottum Foley, Caroline, Michelle Zichella. (Next row up): Debbie Gordon, ?, Mark Trilling, Matt Wallace, Mary Hustead Bottum, ?, Wes Davis. Back row: Sophia Tsilidas, Randy Haecker, ?, Bob Biggs, Roddy Bottum, Jim Martin, Mike Patton, Mike Bordin, Warren Entner, John Vassilou, Kim Kaiman, Randy Kaye (R.I.P.), Maurice Legg.


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