Happy Birthday Chuck Mosley

The legend that is Charles Henry Mosley III (Chuck to us) would have celebrated his 58th birthday today.
We all miss him very much. These last few years have been some of his most successful and exciting times as a musician and on his birthday we recall his most recent interviews.

The Quietus | 2016

"I’m older, so it gets harder. There’s nothing I’d really rather do, or can do, except cook. My mum always told me, ‘Have something to fall back on’ and I never really listened. I dropped out of college, started playing music. I was going to do what I was going to do and it is what it is."

Song Facts | 2015

 "This is who I am. An obnoxious, loud-mouthed, idiot. [Laughs] Don't care about shit, and don't take no shit." 

National Student | 2016

“I do take credit for starting that whole thing rolling, not the Beastie Boys not the Chili Peppers. I tell you what the Beastie Boys were rapping over hip hop and throwing rock songs in and the Chili Peppers were rapping over funk, it's just two world's I grew up in because of my cultural breakdown so it made sense to bring these things together. I always try to bring my friends together it has been my thing all my life – people who should have no business being together. Like Crips with Beverley Hills rich kids with ,like, surf dudes.”

Never Nervous | 2017

“My time with Bad Brains was like punk rock boot camp. High demands were set upon me. They liked and used everything I did. They did have a preference for me to remain positive, which I did.”

Fear and Loathing | 2016

"Yeah, post-punk, funk, metal… it was all punk rock to me, man ! I always thought that it doesn’t matter what something sounds like, it’s the attitude. I mean, you can be singing a ballad and it can still be punk rock. If you’re singing about how your heart has been ripped-out or something… It depends how pissed-off you are about what’s happened and how much you mean it !"

Infinite Sadness | 2017

"Even back as far as Faith No More and even Haircuts that Kill, there would be times that I would pick up the acoustic guitar…but there were only like one or two songs I could play. One of my old standbys is Life’s a Gas by T-Rex."


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