TOMAHAWK | Debut album from Patton, Denison, Stanier and Rutmanis was released 16 Years ago!

The debut self titled album from Tomahawk was released on October 30th 2001, it was one of the first records released via Ipecac Recordings

'Observations on bad deals gone wrong in the south'. One thing I did want was to have a nice consistent, sustained sort of mood or vibe throughout the album. I'd like to think that some parts of the album are crazy and you think things are about to fly off the rails.' - Duane Denison

 I 'wrote the basic tunes on my own (on a 4-track) and sent the cassettes (this was '99
-2000) to Mike, who then added vocals and samples for me to listen to. I think it took about a year altogether. There's been a lot of erroneous info on the net about how that album was made by me sending tapes around, but it was only the demos! We tracked and mixed live, altogether, in Nashville.' - Duane Denison

'Supercatchy, earstretching vocals, dark lyrics rich in black humour, swathes of crunchy guitars, and some of the most unusual rhythms to be played by human hands since time began all juggle for dominance in this no-doubt-to-be-critically-and-commercially-ignored work. Just you watch. In a few years time this will be hailed as an under-rated, (and under-selling) work of a genius.' - Drowned In Sound

'It doesn't much matter who Patton's playing with here because, like almost any project in which he's involved, the showcase in Tomahawk is on Patton's vocals and lyrics. At times, he'll whisper in a low-key croon; other times, he'll turn into the monster under your bed, howling out these outlandish visions at the top of his lungs. Lyrically, he's still penning the same ghoulish, b-horror-movie tales about murderous hitchhikers, gruesome deaths, and coming-of-age sexual deviance, but the carnival dementia emblematic of much of the Bungle work is laid aside here in favor of a warped rural landscape. A country noir, perhaps?' -  Pitchfork


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