DEAD CROSS | Round up of the tour so far.....

So far the Dead Cross tour has been an eventful few weeks and we aren't even half way through yet! But with so much going on it's time for a catch up.

10.08.2017 | The Observatory, Santa Ana 

Mike Patton's first performance with DxCx. Full report with videos and photos HERE

11.08.2017 | Brooklyn Bowl, Las Vegas NV
12.08.2017 | Marquee Theatre, Tempe AZ

DxCx continue to smash out their killer set. Full report on both shows HERE.

14.08.2017 | Gas Monkey Bar and Grill, Dallas TX

The Void Report

Dead Cross took the stage shortly after 10:00 and proceeded to run through their entire album like it was the last show on earth. Simply put, they raged through their set. The non-stop mosh pit was a perfect reflection of the energy the band brought to the stage. Mike Patton sang and screamed and hit every note from high to low as if his life depended on it. Amazingly, he made it look easy. Patton lives up to his reputation as a great frontman. There wasn’t a whole lot of banter between songs, perhaps because he knows the songs are what matters and he put everything he had behind them. Lombardo? Well, what can you say about this guy that hasn’t already been said? The floor beneath me was vibrating as his double-bass drove the songs forward. Sadly, there wasn’t a great vantage point from the floor to actually see his face, but his fluid and flawless drumming was the best thing I can imagine a Monday night ever offering. Those other guys in the band are no slouches. Guitarist Mike Crain and bassist Justin Pearson are the glue that holds the band together. Sure, it’s easy to be distracted by Patton and Lombardo, but these guys are top shelf players.

James Villa Photography

15.08.2017 | Warehouse Live, Houston TX

Justin Pearson and Michael crain were detained by the police for undisclosed reasons, however they avoided jail and were at the next show.

Press statement

“Aug. 16 2017, Houston Texas – Members of Dead Cross were temporarily placed in police custody while in Houston on Aug. 15. The band, who just released their eponymous debut album via Ipecac Recordings and are on tour in support of the album, had their gear searched and were restrained during the inspection.

The band members have been advised by legal counsel not to provide further comment on the incident. More information is expected to be made available from authorities following arraignment.”

16.08.2017 | Emos, Austin TX

Glide Magazine

Dead Cross have the time of their lives on stage. In many ways, it looks like a rejuvenating experience for all involved. As most of their other projects have grown in complexity and maturity, playing these lightning fast, short bursts of energy must be incredibly exciting for a group of metalheads who aren’t getting any younger. Still performing at the peak of their capacity, Dead Cross look like teenagers bouncing around on Adderall.

Smells Like Infinite Sadness

Standouts included Shillelagh, which featured the singer at his throat-shredding best (tossing off classic lyrics like I took a dump and it turned out dead), a jugular puncturing cover of Bauhaus’ Bela Lugosi’s Dead, and Idiopathic, where Patton was joined by bassist Justin Pearson (The Locust/Retox) on backing vocals.

But perhaps the most memorable moment occurred during My Perfect Prisoner: before kicking into the song Patton noticed an ebullient kid perched atop his dad’s shoulders. He encouraged the boy to come on stage and sing/scream along, culminating with the grinning kid screaming his head off. The crowd lost their shit. It was beautiful.

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18.08.2017 | Rialto Theatre, Tucson TX

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19.08.2017 | The Observatory, San Diego CA

Tim Fears Photography

Becky DiGiglio

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22.08.2017 | The El Rey, Los Angeles CA

After Patton spent a night in hospital due to a 'skateboarding accident' Dead Cross rescheduled this show from the previous night. READ MORE. Ipecac Recordings band QUI were brought in as a support act.

Spinning Platters

Their performance featured a number of songs from the album as well as new songs that were written after Patton joined. The crowd connection was so complete that, at one point, Patton’s attention was grabbed by a little girl riding her mom’s shoulders screaming, “Mike, let me up there!” He invited her on stage, where they performed together, and he got her to scream with him. The show then culminated with a blistering encore cover of Dead Kennedys’ “Nazi Punks Fuck Off!” and the band, with great humor, punked everyone into thinking Lombardo was going to sing a cover of Slayer’s “Raining Blood.” All in all, it was a triumph, following the debacle of the previous day, and I can only hope that the rest of their tour is as amazing for everyone else as that one night was for me.

LA Weekly | Photos Levan TK

Becky DiGiglio

Steve Rose

Debi Del Grande

Oliver Brink

23.08.2017 | UC Theatre, Berkeley CA

DxCx were joined by Jello Biafra former Dead Kennedys frontman and Alternative Tentacles record exec. They performed the Dead Kennedys classic Nazi Punks Fuck Off only this time it was aimed at President Trump supporters...."Two words: Jello. Biafra," Patton told the crowd. Biafra said: "Sorry, Mariah Carey was supposed to do this song, but that turned out to be fun with fake news. So… now… more… than… ever… Nazi Trump, fuck off!"

SF Bay Area Concerts

Recovering from a recent skateboarding accident, the bruised and bandaged Mike Patton seemed a little chattier than normal, and at times spoke directly to fans in the audience… At one point inviting one up to the stage, where he asked to see the guy’s dick. Taken aback, the fan seemed to oblige with Mike even giving it some time at the microphone. The fan then stood in his boxers with his pants around his ankles, while Patton simulated giving the guy a reach-around. By that point, the fan had had enough and quickly escaped to the side of the stage.

SF Weekly

The Five 10 | Clay Lancaster

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25.08.2017 | Vogue Theatre, Vancouver BC

Abort Magazine

In the end, the beautiful execution of their twelve song set as performed by Lombardo, Patton, Pearson and Crain left an insatiably hungry Vogue crowd wanting more. Once the house lights came up the only (illogical) complaint overheard was the unanimous desire of fans wishing to see and hear more material from the band. For a unit made up of proven and remarkable talent now midway through their first tour, the “super group” would exude an impressive look and sound that was nothing short of what many would expect from a band made up of 30+ year veterans of heavy distortion based music.


One minute gloomy and professional the next circling his pen like a crazed gorilla growling at the mosh pit, Patton stole the show shouting at one point “time for some slow jams mutherfuckers” before giving us his creepy gangster rasp. Offering up a vital slab of resistance all night long they filled their encore with a fitting tribute to American politics by covering The Dead Kennedys “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” and then topped it off with those famous eleven notes to Slayers “Raining Blood” and bang, that was it.

Bryce Hunnersen

Mike Thomas

25.08.2017 | Showbox, Seattle WA

Verbicide Magazine 

It turns out it was the latter. After a good-sized break between sets Dead Cross took the stage and the venue was packed yet again. With no security barrier between the crowd and the stage, there was a wall of people there. Wearing an NRA shirt emblazoned with “Keep Calm and Carry Guns,” Mike Patton started the show with a stage dive right into a sea of his rabid fans. Fueled by Dave Lombardo’s incredible drumming and Patton’s miraculously dynamic vocals, the intensity was so fierce that early on during the band’s set Justin Pearson appealed to the violent crowd to calm down: “It’s like a Trump rally in here!”

Seattle Music News

Patton told the crowd it was their first time in Seattle, saying, “We are getting our cherry popped, and we’re gonna pop your cherry. I had a little wardrobe malfunction up here. I couldn’t find my dick.” Everyone erupted with laughter.
While the music might not exactly be for the average Faith No More/Slayer fan, it was special to witness this unique performance from these musicians, one of pure punk rock fury at its finest. The band seemed to be having a blast, and the crowd loved the moment. More than once, Patton crowd surfed as their 50-minute set crushed at a blinding pace.
Near the end of the set, Patton brought a kid on stage. Showbox went wild seeing him nurture the next generation. “You are not a douchebag are you? No? Good, then you can be my bodyguard. Stand here like this,” He said.

Neil Lim Sang

25.08.2017 | Wonder Ballroom, Portland OR

Rock Revolt

Fans are still getting familiar with Dead Cross, so the band hasn’t been pigeon-holed into a specific sub-genre of heavy metal yet, but I would stick my neck out and say it’s a mix between thrash and metalcore. The mere fact that this is HEAVY metal however, is undisputable. I was standing at the front, no barrier to protect me from the surging crowd behind me. When the first song, “Seizure and Desist” started playing, the packed Wonder Ballroom became a mass of heaving, beer spilling, thrashing metalheads. It was all I could do to steady myself long enough to snap a couple of pictures of a menacing Mike Patton before he planted his back foot and launched himself into the crowd. His shin caught my camera and hat as he flew face first into the throngs of PDX metal faithful. I harnessed my camera and helped toss Mr. Patton back onto the stage.

Alyssa Herrman

29.08.2017 | Ace of SpadesSacramento CA

Digital Diversion

The crowd, which had previously been lulled into submission by the Secret Chiefs, immediately came to life and Patton was clearly pleased with the reaction as the band tore through the first four songs of their album in sequence. Pausing briefly to address the crowd, Patton informed the room, “we are here to fuck you … so you better bend over and take it!” As if that was not already abundantly clear to the frothy crowd.

For a band with only one album worth of released material, Dead Cross didn’t seem to be interested in wasting any time and dragging out the set with a lot of filler. Sure, Patton couldn’t resist occasionally stirring up shit with the crowd but otherwise the relatively brief 50-ish minute set stuck to the album with a few new tunes (listed as “New #2″ and My Perfect Prisoner” on the setlist) and a “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” cover thrown in for good measure as the encore.

Alan Snodgrass

Cameras and Cargos

Remaining Tour Dates 

09/08 – Baltimore, MD @ Sound Stage
09/10 – Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer
09/11 – Boston, MA @ The Royale
09/12 – New York, NY @ Gramercy Theatre
09/13 – Brooklyn, NY @ Warsaw
09/15 – Detroit, MI @ St. Andrew’s Hall
09/16 – Chicago, IL @ Riot Fest
09/17 – Milwaukee, WI @ Turner Hall
09/19 – Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue
09/20 – Lawrence, KS @ Liberty Hall
09/23 – Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre


  1. What a hell of a tour so far! So many epic events already. I envy the Northern American audience pretty much. Please visit Germany, too! We´re enjoying your record and waiting for you guys! Good luck for the remaining dates and have fun!

  2. Still waiting for the time when Trey comes on for the encore and they bash out some Travolta. That would be great. It really really would.


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