BILL GOULD | 10 Best Bass Lines...Chosen by you.

Bill Gould is a founding member of Faith No More, an extraordinary bass player, producer and song writer. The backbone of the band.
"When I first started playing bass in this band, all I had was a cheap little amp and a terrible old bass, and it had this warped tone that I had to work with. But somehow, I found a way to make that tone strong, and it became part of my sound. I still have that approach toward my tone, and it all stemmed from having terrible gear." - Bill 2015
Since the early 80's his distinctive bass tones, which he describes as a 'grunting sound', have been an essential part of the unique FNM sound. His influence on other musicians can be widely heard within the rock/metal genre. 
His influences include: Sex Pistols, Metallica, Sade, Killing Joke, David Bowie and much more. For the most part of his musical career Bill has played with a Zon guitar. 
"It [bass tone] sounds like the instrument is grunting. People do it with guitars, but you don’t hear it with bass much. Bass manufacturers traditionally go for a pure, low-end to high-end balance, but to me, that’s not really rock n roll. Even if I lose a little balance with it, that’s fine as long as it has the bite. When my bass is growling and grunting, it feels like I am expressing myself through it." - Bill 2015
Circa 1986. Courtesy of Bill Gould.

Here is a list of his best bass lines as voted for by you....


King For A Day

I won't Forget You


The Morning After

Woodpecker From Mars

Falling To Pieces

Separation Anxiety

Land Of Sunshine

Anne's Song


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