CHUCK MOSLEY | Greg Puciato's tribute to Chuck in Kerrang!

The Dillinger Escape Plan front man has written a touching tribute to Chuck Mosley in this week's Kerrang! magazine (issue 1698).
Greg highlights the importance of Chuck's contributions to early Faith No More and tells the story of how he discovered We Care A Lot and Introduce Yourself.

Greg discusses his favourite Chuck era FNM songs.

"One night, watching MTV, I saw the video for Annes Song. There was another album I had somehow missed: Introduce Yourself [1987]. I connected with it instantly. Anne's Song is still one of my favourite songs of theirs to this day, along with Chinese Arithmetic and R n' R. I lived off of a street called Washington Boulevard at the time, and when Chuck says 'Washington Boulevard' at the beginning of Death March, I thought just maybe he was talking about that street. Turns out he wasn't! "

And talks about Chuck's unique style of singing.

"It's interesting how changing one ingredient in a band can drastically alter the whole thing. Mike had the precision, the virtuosity, and the ADHD. But with Chuck, there was a looseness, and it gave the whole band this carefree, beach bum, skate/surf, friends-making-art-punk vibe.There was a romantic visual attached to it; it felt more identified with a far away place - some mythical hybrid of Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco and Venice in Los Angeles. I wanted to be there."

It's a great article which will sound familar to a lot of fans. 

The read the full story, buy a copy from your local news agents.


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