31 May 2016

FAITH NO MORE | May 1997 | Zillo

Translated from German

In 1985 bass-player Billy Gould, keyboardist Roddy Bottum, drummer Michael "Puffy" Bordin, guitarist Jim Martin and vocalist Chuck Mosley released the first FNM album called "We Care A Lot". After the second album called "Introduce Yourself" , Chuck Mosley left the band and went on to work with his band Cement, while Mike Patton, the new singer helped them to get a breakthrough with their album "The Real Thing" and the single "Epic". After their fourth album "Angel Dust" in 1993 the change of guitar players began. Jim Martin was fired and for the recording of "KFAD" Trey Spruance from Mr. Bungle joined the band. Trey was replaced by Dean Menta for the tour who had worked for FNM as a keyboard technician before.

30 May 2016

PEEPING TOM | 10 Years

On May 30th 2006 Mike Patton released the Peeping Tom album via Ipecac.

28 May 2016

FAITH NO MORE | May 1995 | Livewire

JUST A BUNCH OF NORMAL GUYS? Faith No More bassist Billy Gould and keyboardist Roddy Bottum discuss the new album, the state of drag in NYC, and animal porn in Gwaum!

By Kelly Barbieri

27 May 2016

FAITH NO MORE | 27.05.1992 | Raw Magazine

FAITH NO MORE are about to return with a new album, 'Angel Dust', and a special guest slot on the Guns n' Roses European tour. PAUL REES discovers that things are still

decidedly bizarre...

26 May 2016

24 May 2016

FAITH NO MORE | 24.05.1997 | Kerrang!

You've no chance of being a top rock band if you: regularly indulge in fist-fights, frequently throw hot coffee over your singer, and conduct interviews whilst crapping. Unless you're Faith No More. Paul Brannigan invites the 'Spice Girls with testicles' to tell us just how they do that.....

MIKE PATTON | 24.05.2003 | Kerrang!

Since Faith No More split in 1988, Mike Patton has pushed rock music to its outer limits with Mr Bungle, Fantômas and Tomahawk. His outlook is simple: never compromise, never fear and never look back...


On May 24th 2011 Bill Gould released the album The Talking Book.

22 May 2016

RODDY BOTTUM | 22.05.93 | Kerrang!

Roddy Bottum is a heavy metal star. He is also gay. In a field of music where homosexuality is at best ignored, and at worst insulted, FAITH NO MORE's keyboard man is the first gay Metal star to speak candidly about his sexuality. A Gay Rock shocker, or the first of many to open the closet? US writer LANCE LOUD (seriously!) is in the pink...

18 May 2016

15 May 2016

FAITH NO MORE | May 1995 | Q Magazine


Singer Mike Patton has occasionally made a meal of it. He's crapped all over the place. He's chewed on a Tampax. He's tasted a turd. And he's not afraid to make a tit of himself. Now, the newly mature Faith No More are about to tour the world, and elsewhere. "We're talking cockroach," they tell Phil Sutcliffe.

12 May 2016

11 May 2016

FAITH NO MORE | This Guy's In Love With You

On May 12th Burt Bacharach celebrates his 88th birthday. 

FAITH NO MORE | 11.05.1988 | Rock City

Sounds | 21.05.1988 | Neil Perry
Talk About The Passion

FAITH NO MORE | 11.05.1988 | Melody Maker

LA's crudest, lewdest sons Faith No More return to these fair shores this week for a tour that promises equal measures of magic, metal and mayhem. Ian Gittins discovers why the band punched each other out last time they left here and the thin line between the man and the maniac. 

9 May 2016

JIM MARTIN | 09.05.1992 | Kerrang!

He's justly proud of his reputation as one of the most repulsive characters in Metal today. His drinking is legendary, his debauchery knows no bounds. His name is frequently prefaced by 'Big Sick Ugly'. No, dummies - we ain't talking about STEFFAN CHIRAZI! We're talking about the man who spills the beans here about his daily routine...

4 May 2016

MIKE PATTON | Mondo Cane | 6 Years

On May 4th 2010 Mike Patton released his album featuring  cover versions of 1950s and 1960s Italian pop music.  Mondo Cane.