29 September 2016


Faith No More video for Cone Of Shame.

The earth shattering song from last year's album Sol Invictus is only the second to get an official video, the first being Sunny Side Up
The video clip is written and Directed by Goce Cvetanovski who has worked with Bill Gould previously and produced by Lynx Animation Studios with Faith No More.

“This is one of those tracks that had to be a video, really, because it lends itself so much to visual imagery. Given the song’s sense of Americana, it would have been easy to shoot this in Arizona or New Mexico, but having been to Macedonia several times, there’s a vibe there that I felt wouldn’t be out of place as a backdrop to this song. Goce Cvetanovski, as a director, understood this immediately; he knew exactly what to do with it, and along with an amazing cast, has managed to create something very dark, and beautifully cinematic.”
Bill Gould 

The video was filmed on location in Macedonia.

Video Credits

Directed by Gorce Cvetanovski
The Boss – Mitko Apostolovski
The Girl – Slagana Vujosevik
The Guy – Ismail Kasumi
The Pimp – Musa Isufi
The Singer/Mandolin player – Krle from Day Off
Produced by Lynx Animation Studios (www.lynxanimation.com) /
Faith No More 
Written & directed by Goce Cvetanovski
Director of Photography - Kristijan Vojdanovski 
Executive producer - Bogdan Jonchevski
Colorist - Vancho Mirakovski 
Coloring and Finishing - Pigmento Visual Studio
Assistant director - Sergej Georgiev
Set decorator - Vlatko Chole Chachorovski 
Camera operator - Viktor Jonchevski 
Costume designer - Zaklina Krstevska
Make-up - Irena Senokozlioska
Set Photographer - Aleksandar Mihajlovski
Special thanks - Motoclub Potfat MC, Restaurant Kamnik

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