A SMALL VICTORY (Youth Remixes) | 24 Years

On this day in 1992 Faith No More released the A Small Victory remixes.

The 'R-evolution 23 (Full Moon) Mix' and 'Sundown Mix' were re-imaginings of the original song which were produced by Martin Glover, AKA Youth, bassist of the band Killing Joke. This was the first Faith No More song to be produced and engineered by someone other than Matt Wallace and the band, plus their first exploration into the dance genre.

The remix was highly endorsed by the band, with the possible exception of Jim Martin who at the time had professed a dislike of 'techno' music.

Melody Maker | August 1992
Patton wants to print up a t-shirt featuring Jim in familiar thumbs up pose, bearing the legend, 'Jim Martin says Techno's OK', There's not much the guitarist hates more than Techno. The band have just heard the Youth mixes of their new single, 'A Small Victory', and they're happy as pigs in shite, Roddy is even planning to record a Techno track with Anne Magnusson and the Freds' Richard Fairbrass. "Now that we've found Youth, he can make us what we've always wanted ho be. I know everyone, repeat everyone, will be really into it." He fixes Jim with a beaming smile. The guitarist ignores him.

Members of Faith No More drew influence from Killing Joke especially Bill Gould, and in 1993 after Jim exited FNM approached Kevin 'Geordie' Walker to join their ranks.

Here are a few Killing Joke related quotes from Bill.

THE SKINNY | April 2012 
“The first time I heard Killing Joke I was 16 and it was so different, I didn't really get it at first. But when I did...wow. It made heavy music interesting...and groovy. But dark as hell...both humanly organic and extremely antisocial at the same time. I can't think of another band where, 34 years later, I'm still just as psyched to hear what they've come up with lately as I was when I first discovered them.”

 BUNGLE WEIRD Q+A | August 2015
If you wouldn't mind settling this bit of urban mythos (never found official confirmation for this): is it true that Geordie from Killing Joke auditioned for the band after Jim Martin was out, got the gig and THEN blew you guys off saying you were "too suburban" for him? By the way, if that's true, he's an asshole! PF: haha, tricky question! 
BG: This is actually good! This is good! He did.He didn't really audition for the group, he came over to San Francisco for a couple of days, we played around, we did some recording, not really recording, but we kinda fooled around rehearsing King for a Day music. He is an amazing guitar player, he's a cool guy.PF: and if i'm not wrong, you are a huge Killing Joke fan, right?BG: Yeah! Huge fan! And I would say as far as the guitar players in the world he's probably my favorite guitar player in the world. That story about "too suburban"... that was really... Jaz said that in a video interview (Jaz Coleman, Killing Joke singer) and somebody showed me that..PF: (laughing).BG: All I can say is that I think the guy Jaz is a compulsive liar because that's one of the craziest stories I've ever heard. What didn't work out with Geordie was... is that his sound, his signature sound is so much about him, so Killing Joke and so him... that his personality musically is so big that... FNM would sound like Killing Joke. I mean, we could've done it but I think it wouldn't be doing justice to Killing Joke or to FNM. And that's a shame because he really is probably one of my favorite guitar players of all time.BG: But he wasn't an asshole at all, he was totally cool.PF: this was before Trey joining the band?BG: Yeah, before Trey.
"As a guy who grew up listening to Killing Joke, they encouraged me to travel and learn about things.They encouraged me to take things a little further than the conventional music world. To me, that brought a romanticism into music that people should have. It made me go where I go with Faith No More.”


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