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Faith No More

  • Bill Gould interview with TeamRock in which he discusses the making of 'We Care A Lot'

How Faith No More made their debut album We Care A LotPaul Brannigan
 “That early Thrash scene blew my mind. It was my gateway to get into rock and metal actually. I came from the punk school where long hair was definitely not cool, at all, but they made it cool. Bordin was friends with Metallica through Cliff [Burton] and so we became friends, and they introduced me to bands like Black Sabbath, who I just didn’t get into the first time around. It was a fun scene to be around.”
“The studio was set up in a farm and it was free from any distractions. We only had three days to record, because we only had so much money. Matt had a little eight track studio at home, but I don’t think he’d ever worked on 24 tracks before, so it was a new experience for all of us. We were very military about it, we did a lot of pre-production so that when we went in we didn’t waste a single second. There was zero fun: we just worked, slept on the floor and start recording again as soon as we woke up. We recorded everything in two days and mixed it on the third day.”
 “After 20 years, I’m just happy that we’re giving people the chance to hear this music in the best possible way. So many people who love our band barely know that this record exists, so it feels good to show where we came from. Where we’re going next, we still have to figure out, but our relationship with each other is really positive and respectful, and when we’ve got something new to say, we’ll say it. Until then, this is a neat reminder of where it all started.”

Chuck Mosley

  • Alternative Nation Interview 

Chuck Mosley Talks Possibility Of Reuniting With Faith No More.            Greg Prato 
Alternative Nation: What can fans expect on the current tour?
Just comedy! No, it’s acoustic – Doug [Chuck’s manager] has been trying to get me to do this forever. I’m reluctant, but it makes sense now, because we can actually make money – I don’t have a record out. VUA [Vandals Against Illiteracy, the rock band Chuck fronts], that record is old – we’re going to record another one, but in the meantime, I just wanted to see if we can do it, so it’s an anthology of all my songs and a couple of cover tunes. It’s pretty fun – it’s not bad at all. [Laughs]
Alternative Nation: So it’s just you on stage, or does Doug join you?
Yeah, he’s playing congas on most of them. Starting out, we were going to make it like Storytellers, but never got around to that Storytellers part – except for little tiny ones. I just got up there, play, tell jokes, act stupid, mess up, start over again, and try to make it as psychedelic as possible – for as much as you can do on an acoustic set. [Laughs]
Alternative Nation: How long will the acoustic tour go on for – throughout the summer?
We’re going out for two weeks at a time. Like, we’re doing these four shows in Washington, Oregon, Denver, and one in Indiana on the way back. And then we’re going to go home for about a week and then go to New York and the east coast for two or three weeks, and then come back home. We’re supposed to go to the southwest in August, but I’m not sure what is up with that yet, because there is some other stuff going on with a commitment I may have in August. But then we’re going to Europe, and then we’ll come back, and if they’re going good, we’ll keep going, and we’ll keep booking it. A different region here, a different region there. It’s just easier that way – because we’re both older and have families. Plus, if it’s not really going good, we can just stop booking. [Laughs] But so far, it’s picking up. But I want to make time so VUA can start recording when we come back from Europe, so we can have a record by spring. And we’re recording some acoustic stuff, and might put out something before this tour is over – I’m not sure yet.
Are there any plans for you to guest at Faith No More shows?
I don’t know. I know they’re re-releasing that first record on Billy’s label, Koolarrow. So I guess they want to do something about that…I don’t know. I totally have to let them put that out. [Laughs]

  • South Bend Tribune interview
Faith No More's Mosley 'reintroduces' himself with acoustic tour              Tom Conway Tribune Correspondent
“Right after Faith No More, I roadied for my friends in Celebrity Skin in L.A. They were old-school punk rockers from L.A. that were kind of glam. They were great. They were one of my all-time favorite bands.”
“Every time I put out a record with a different band, the record company insist(s) on saying that I am the former singer of Faith No More. Personally, I will let you think that, but I wouldn’t actually say that. People know who I am by this time.”

  • SongFacts interview
You can certainly make the argument that the two vocalists that have graced Faith No More's albums are polar opposites. The man who sang on their first two albums, Chuck Mosley, was not a traditional rock vocalist per se, but made up for it in personality, while Mike Patton can hit his notes with ease.
On As The Worm Turns 
"There has always been that thing between LA and San Francisco, and the punk scene was the same thing - everybody looked at San Franciscans as "hippie punks," and LA was more hardcore. I wrote a lot of the lyrics on stage at one of the first shows. I guess just social commentary on being responsible for your own situation."
 On The Crab Song
"That's kind of self-explanatory, don't you think? It's about love and how love turns into a monster. Physically, incarnate. It's a love song."
On Influences 

"David Bowie, Robert Plant. Eddie Vedder is actually one of my favorite all-time singers. I also love Kurt's voice a lot. And Michael Jackson, Al Green."

 Bill Gould

  • Team Rock interview
Killing Joke's 10 greatest songs according to Faith No More bassist Billy Gould
Killing Joke formed in Notting Hill in 1978. Over the course of their career, the post-punks have released 15 studio albums, seven live albums, five EPs and 31 singles and have influenced the likes of Nirvana, Metallica, Ministry and Faith No More.
“As a guy who grew up listening to Killing Joke, they encouraged me to travel and learn about things,” says Faith No More bassist Billy Gould. “They encouraged me to take things a little further than the conventional music world. To me, that brought a romanticism into music that people should have. It made me go where I go with Faith No More.”
We challenged Gould to pick the 10 definitive Killing Joke tracks. After some deliberation, here's what he selected...

  • EON Music interview 

FAITH NO MORE'S BILLY GOULD."People change, and every time I did it, I was kind of stupid in a different way. It’s all embarrassing, but it was honest when we did it."
What are you focusing on right now? 
One thing we’re doing is we have the first record that we recorded like in 1985 called ‘We Care A Lot’, and we’re going to re-release it. It turns out I had the master tapes in my basement, and I forgot that I had those. So we remastered them, and we’re putting that out as ourselves.So you’ve been involved completely in the production of the reissue?
Absolutely. The one that was out, it was digitised from the vinyl back in the nineties or eighties, and we actually went into the studio in Berkeley and re-baked the tapes and re-digitised the masters and remastered them, so they sound more like they should sound. 
Did listening back to the tapes make you think about revisiting some of those songs live? 
I don’t think about it like that. I just think about this really cool record that a lot of people don’t know about that hasn’t been out in twenty years. I’m just really happy that we’re putting it out ourselves the way we want it to be. Roddy [Bottum, Faith No More keyboard player] wrote a bunch of liner notes that are awesome. It was a different world back then, and we were different people back then. We even had a different singer, and a different guitar player, and people don’t realise that this band goes back a long way. I didn’t even realise until I heard the music, it was like; “oh my god, I forgot we were like that too!” And you can even hear what we are now in that back then - the beginnings of it, so to me it’s really interesting.
What’s your relationship like now with Jim?
I do try. I try, that’s what I can say. I hope for the best. 
Wasn’t he approached initially when the band got back together in 2009? 
He gets approached on a yearly basis. *laughing* But you know, things are the way they are, and things happen for a reason. We’re cool with ourselves, and we’re cool with our deal. Everything’s good with the band and extremely positive.
Another big single from that period was ‘Falling To Pieces’, which never seems to make it into the Faith No More set list. 
That song sucks, let’s face it. I don’t know, we don’t groove on that one. Also, when you play it live, it just kind of gets boring. 



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