MR BUNGLE | OU818 | 27 Years

Mr Bungle's demo cassette OU818 was recorded and mixed on June 26, 27, 28 of 1989. 

Trevor Dunn 1990
"Obviously if we make an album it's not gonna be as disgusting as 'OU818'. That tape was a collection of our dirtiest songs."
Trey Spruance 1991
"The deal is this: If you listen to any of our other tapes, there isn't even one cuss word. I don't know what happened. We were just in a really good mood, but sort of a sexually frustrated mood. But then, when we get around each other, we're very comforted, because we have each other. And the band was maybe just a thing to make us a little more happy about our situations."
"On OU818, Mike wrote 'Squeeze Me Macaroni' and 'Girls of Porn', but a lot of those riffs are my riffs that he used in his songs and he wrote the lyrics, so it's his song kind of thing. Same thing with Trevor, he wrote all of 'Slowly Growing Deaf', I wrote some of 'Love is a Fist' but he wrote most of it. It's all a collaborative effort, but we sort of lean towards things. One is one person's song and one is the other's. We get inspiration from all sorts of stuff. It's just sort of a general outpouring of crap. It's usually a spontaneous or on-the-spot thing that happens."

Recorded and mixed by David Bryson at Dancing Dog Recording Studio, this demo takes it's name from the Van Halen album OU812. This demo is the first to feature the full band that would record Mr Bungle's debut album in 1991, including Danny Heifetz on drums and Bar Mckinnon on sax. 


  1. How much would the original demo tape be worth if someone actually had one?

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