We are still experiencing a worldwide influx of FAITH NO MORE press, the likes of what we haven't seen since 1992.

  • FNM adorn the cover of several more magazines. First Portugal's Loud! Magazine. Here is their write up for the article inside, (apologies for the crude translation into English).
It would have been easy for FAITH NO MORE rest on the victories won, even after the 2009 celebratory meeting that saw them play all over the world, and bring to an end a career that did not need ever to give any evidence to be considered one of the most influential ... and within that influence, the most comprehensive as well. Alternative rock to the most extreme metal, there is a tinge of Faith No More in much of what is done today, musically speaking, that still retains some character adventurism, exploitation, restless and insolent spirit, all values usually we celebrate in the good music we talked about you in LOUD !, whatever the subgenus in question. But because they are still the same musicians also restless, the fifties members of Faith No More, instead of being quiet at home doing parties to cute cats who proudly carry on our irresistible cover photo, shot up into the ring again for another round, that is to say, a new disc, eighteen years after his last recording venture, the "Album Of The Year" 1997. Then he will see if the "Sol Invictus" will also be the "album of the year "2015, but at least it will be in contention, something obvious from the first hearing. Naturally being a different band than it was two decades ago, the vitality and energy that always characterized remain intact, and make 'Sol Invictus' a work that easily gets next to classics like the 'Angel Dust' or "King For A Day ... Fool For A Lifetime" without any problems. Over six pages, not only we knew all about this triumphant return, as we can also prepare the ultimate mixtape of Faith No More with the precious help of several important members of our national scene.
Get your copy HERE

  • Second cover is from Czech publication Full Moon, May issue #49. Available to buy HERE.

  • The third sees Mike Bordin in pride of place on the cover of issue #242 June edition of Rhythm Magazine. The second time he has had the cover, the first being 20 years ago! More from this issue hopefully soon. 

  • The last cover (for now) is on the Belgium magazine Rif Raf, issue 265 May edition. Read the interview with Bill Gould and 'Sol Invictus' review for free online HERE.

  • Jon Hudson was interviewed by Colombian radio station La X Musica after FNM announced they will play at the Teatro Royal Center in Bogota on September 18th. Their first time in Colombia. Find the original article HERE.

  • Bill Gould will be making an appearance at Darkglass Electronics Thunder Showcase, talking Bass and equipment. The showcase will take place on May 14th at Gibson Guitar Artist Relations Showroom in New York.
Big guests and your favorite Darkglass gear there to try: What are you waiting to join us?
Imagine a big night in Manhattan, a special celebration where you’ll get to talk to some of the best bass players in the world, share your love for music and try out some of the most amazing bass gear. Well, this night it’s a realityDarkglass’s Thunder Showcase is on May 14th and you can be there with us. It doesn’t matter if you like rock, pop or funk, every music style will have a special place in the Gibson Guitar Artist Relations Showroom & Studios. This is a celebration of 5 years of success and friendship with all bass-lovers around the world: “There will be three bass stations to try our pedals live” says Hugo Villarroel, co-founder of Darkglass Electronics. And surprises don’t stop there: “We’ll unveil two completely new products, and one limited edition with the art of one of the biggest illustrators in the world”.

“Billy Gould from Faith No more is planning to join us here” Hugo confirms, and he’ll be just one of a series of big guests for the evening. So, the big question is: What are you waiting? We want you there!
Read more HERE.

  • News has come in today that the Faith No More show at the Filmore in Detroit on the 8th of May will appear on the Live Nation Channel exclusive to Yahoo! Live. Whether it will be streamed as it happens is unlear but keep a sharp eye on the page from around 9pm (ET).
  • Blabbermouth have written the most praising review of 'Sol Invictus' yet giving it 10/10. Read the full review HERE, here is a choice section. 
Slinking into the album with Roddy's mellow piano passages and Bordin's modified march, one feels instant gratification as soon as Patton threads his voice into the title track. First Patton half-grunts and half-whispers, then rises up to the smooth crooning octaves that's given him mass appeal. He reverts to snarl mode on the politically-charged, jumpy "Superhero", which grows in intensity as John Hudson and Bill Gould slam their instruments with the same vigor they left in this band the first time. Roddy Bottum's cascading keys on "Superhero"'s sullen choruses hit such a nerve the listener is apt to weep with joy by their gorgeousness. With Mike Patton's overdubbed screams and "leader of men" mantras, along with John Hudson's raking guitars in the final stanzas, this is, without a doubt, FAITH NO MORE restored.
  • It seems the Rhino re-issues of 'Angel Dust' and 'The Real Thing' are in fact also re-mastered. Felix, a facebook follower of ours contacted Rhino and recieved this reponse. "Thank you for email. These titles were remastered at Abbey Road Studios in the UK." We have contacted them for an offical staement and will keep you informed. Pre-order the re-issues with extras, The Real Thing and Angel Dust.



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