28 January 2015


At around 10.30 (UK time) yesterday, none other than RODDY BOTTUM posted an album and tour update to our facebook page. And a following message to the many followers on Faith No More Blog. 

Here it is in full: 

Hey guys, it's Roddy, from the band. thanks for paying attention out there. Dates loom for certain. Little ones, big ones, unorthodox ones, predictable ones, we hope the collection of which sums up our credo as a band (we like to mix shit up ((as you know)) ). Pardon mighty mighty pardon us for not being in your particular town this go round, if that is the case. Hopefully we will rectify that and please as many people while pleasing ourselves as is possible for a band of very old and fat bastards. Excited to see you all. Come round and say hi. We'll be there. In the meantime, Billy is super busy finishing up mixes, Mike P is just about done with the vocals, MB is all ears and JH remains the sturdy axe. I'm in NYC finishing an opera that happens in April but i digress. I'll be heading to SF for rehearsals next week, preparing for the JAP/AUS/NZ section of what's next. It 'a big old year coming up and i'm just gonna remain focused on that for now; the immediate future. Thanks again for being here for us, it tickles and pleases beyond comprehension that our people await with curious ears. Can't tell you how really rewarding that makes it all. The new record sounds strong to my ears. looking forward to sharing it with you all. Until soon, respectfully, Roddy C. Bottum.



  1. I'd love to review the Monday night show in San Francisco. #FMNtour2015

    1. Awesome you are hired! Email us as soon as you have written it, fnmuk@hotmail.co.uk

  2. Thanks for the update Roddy really can't wait for this album.

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