23 November 2015

TOMAHAWK | Stone Letter | 3 Years

On this day in 2012 Tomahawk released Stone Letter, the first single from their fourth album Oddfellows.

The Song

Duane Denison | 2012

"'Stone Letter' was easily the most accessible, inoffensive sing-along-type song.... It seemed the most like other rock that is on the radio."

"If we suddenly have a deluge of teenage girls [at our concerts] wanting to hear 'Stone Letter,' I'd love it. If we could get Mike to do a duet with Taylor Swift or Gwen Stefani, someone like that? That would be awesome.”

The Video

Directed by Vince Forcier

Vince 2015 

"I got wasted with Patton and he is very handy with a knife, I had 9 hours of sleep out of 90. The tacos in Texas are amazing. Also the band couldn't have been nicer, true gentleman including their manager Tim Moss."

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  1. The new composition will certainly please the fans with its dynamism and such deep meaning. Each member of the group gave himself all the 100%.