METAL HAMMER | The 90s Issue | Summer 2017

The most recent issue of Metal Hammer is dedicated to 'The 90s' with a year by year analysis of the decade in rock and metal music.
Of course this must include Faith No More, and the cover of Angel Dust quite rightly makes an appearance on the front cover. Although there is no actual feature soley about FNM the magazine is packed with titbits. It is a great homage to the greatest years of metal music and well worth a read.

Mr. Bungle's debut is mentioned in 1991 Metal Hammer describing the album as 'unsettling and utterly, utterly brilliant'. FNM Angel Dust is in the top ten albums of 1992, 'the most inventive album from the most inventive band of the 90s'. FNM King For A Day... is in the top ten albums of 1995, 'King....has aged brilliantly'.

The magazine also includes a free CD of bands covering 90s songs, there is cover of Jizzlobber by the Norwegian extreme metal band Enslaved. Listen to a short sample below.

Here's the band performing the song in full live from 2011.

There is also a review of the upcoming Dead Cross album which recieves 8 out 10. 
In this case, bringing people with proven track records together has resulted in a stellar release. At its heart. Dead Cross is a hardcore record, albeit a hexagonal-shaped one in which the angular complexity inherent to Justin and Mike Grain's day gigs tightly jigsaw with Dave's precarious precision. And then there's Patton, who can write catchy vocal lines to a glass factory implosion, making the jagged lurch of Seizure And Desist and the rickety doom punk of Obedience School now as smooth as silk whilst sounding the angriest he has in years. 
And finally a live review of the Tool, Primus, Clutch, Fantomas, Melvins show from June.

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