Definitive Faith No More biography set for release in September 2018

Jawbone Press, the leading UK music book publishers, will release Small Victories, the new definitive biography of Faith No More written by former BBC and Guardian journalist Adrian Harte, in autumn 2018.

Our good friend, the man behind Faith No More 2.0 and super FNM fan Adrian Harte is currently writing the ultimate FNM biography set for publication next September.

Based on meticulous research and hundreds of extensive new interviews with current and former band members and other key figures, the book will tell the story of one of the most significant bands of the late 20th century, and show how Faith No More helped redefine rock, metal and alternative music.

Author Adrian media intelligence manager at European football organisation UEFA, said. “I’m extremely grateful to Jawbone Press for giving me this opportunity to tell the true story of Faith No More. I hope that the book – written with the diligence of a journalist but the passion of a fan – will do justice to this captivating band and give Faith No More the book it deserves.”

Ginger Coyote interviewed Adrian about the book recently, read more

The book will be published by Jawbone Press in autumn 2018. Jawbone Press has a rich history of publishing books with interesting angles and untold stories.

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  1. I'm looking forwards to getting my hands on this 3rd album. I have really liked the first two and hope it's going to be just as good.


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