FAITH NO MORE | Discography Release Dates

As we begin a new year with Faith No More Followers we realise 2016 may not be as action packed with Faith No More news as 2015. 

However we will continue to keep updating this website with interesting articles and nostalgia from our favourite band.

Part of these posts will concern the anniversaries of single and album releases. I have written dedications to these specific dates over the last five years for various different on-line publications including of course this one. However it seems many of my dates have been queried. The anniversary date should be the very first date that a record is released regardless of the country of origin. 

So with that in mind myself and fellow FNM historian Evil Toast Man have (we hope) pin pointed the official release dates. These have been allocated with the aid of newspaper advertisements and articles, the website Discogs, 'The Real Story' by Steffan Chirazi, record archives and in some small part from the record company itself. Wikipedia is prone to human error so please don't always trust their information, however it is for the most part correct.

These dates will of course differ from those posted here and on our facebook from last year and on other pages, but we assure you we have done our research to ensure we don't repeat the errors of last year.


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