TOUR SOL INVICTUS | 26.07.2015 | Austin

The second leg of Tour Sol Invictus in the U.S. began with a show at Austin Music Hall in Texas. 

The last time Faith No More were in Austin was 1995, and both Bill Gould and Roddy Bottum displayed affection for the city on Twitter.

  • Tour poster was designed by Lil Tuffy and available at Secret Serpents.

  • Set List
Be Aggressive
Black Friday
Everything’s Ruined
Midlife Crisis
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Separation Anxiety
King for a Day
Ashes to Ashes
We Care A Lot
This Guy's In Love With You
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 Faith No More bassist Billy Gould joked to the packed house at Austin Music Hall, that “it’s been like 30, or 25, or 35 years since we’ve been here! How have you been?” In truth, it’s been 20 years since the band played the Texas state capital, but regardless, the boisterous crowd made it abundantly clear: they’ve been sorely missed.
While one can nitpick songs not included in the set list (I was longing for Ugly In the Morning), the band were in remarkable form, and Patton’s (apparently ageless) musical ability to shift from banshee shriek to soulful croon remains awe-inspiring to witness first hand.

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Bill also spoke to the Houston Press prior to the show

 “The funny thing about it is, in the beginning when we started getting back together and doing shows again around 2009-10, there weren’t that many offers coming from the States. “It’s a big country, and routing-wise, it just didn’t make sense at the time to just go to one place that’s so far from another place. So, that’s kind of why it didn’t work out. “Once we announced the new material and that we were putting out a new record, there really came a lot of interest from those areas that I think maybe promoters weren’t aware of,” the bassist continues. “We haven’t been to Texas in such a long time, and I’ve got friends there. We used to play there a lot back in the day. It’s going to be cool to reconnect.”

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