FAITH NO MORE's single 'A Small Victory' was released 27 years ago!

On August 3rd 1992 Faith No More released A Small Victory as the second single from Angel Dust. The video was directed by Marcus Nispel (CC Music Factory) and is an extreme departure from previous FNM videos. It is lavish and abstract film featuring references to war and torture with rather dramatic close-ups of the band.

In 2013 Mike Patton said "It looks really nice and we spent way too much money on it. I think we are still paying for it in lots of ways.", comparing it to a "a perfume commercial or a fashion shoot."

Bill Gould was much more complimentary of the video:

"It's totally different than any video we've ever done; 'A Small Victory' is pretty much a dance song more than anything, it's the most extreme we've ever taken that, so we had to have a visual to complement it." - Bill Gould 1993

"We also wanted something very slick, something that looked really well-done, no tricks. The last video ('Midlife Crisis') was beautiful looking but it had a weird photography style and a weird kind of color." - Bill Gould 1993

"Think of a Madonna video but see us in it instead. It doesn't make any sense, but at the same time it's perfect." - Bill Gould 1993

Witness the making of the video.


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