Watch FAITH NO MORE joined by CHUCK MOSLEY at The Fillmore in Detroit on May 8th 2015

In 2015 Faith No More were touring their seventh studio album Sol Invictus. On May 8th they performed a special show at The Fillmore in Detroit which featured an appearance from Chuck Mosley.

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While standing on the main floor by the entrance to the photo pit, this photographer overheard a brief conversation that proved to be an incredible addition to an already fantastic evening. A gentlemen said to a lady friend next to him, “This is great! So, whatcha think? The lady friend replied, “Oh! You’ll be great! I can walk with you if ya like.” I slowly turned and watched the two of them step aside, open a door to a hallway that leads to the stage and wallah… Chuck Mosley! Yes, Chuck Mosley was in the house.  Chuck and the band played “Mark Bowen” and the place went nuts. What a treat that was.

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The entire band was garbed in white linen, resembling a religious cult, with charismatic leader Mike Patton dominating the white cloth and flower-covered stage. Patton’s voice and stage presence command attention. His vocal range is nearly unparalleled in rock music and he knows how to engage the local crowd chanting "Deeeeetrooooiiiit Baaassketttbaaaallll" early in the show. A running joke throughout the show came from the fact that Hall & Oates were playing at the same time next door. Patton kept asking why the crowd wasn’t there instead and saying he would rather be there if he had the choice. The band even went as far as singing a “Rich Girl” interlude during “Midlife Crisis.” Other covers included “Easy” by the Commodores, where Patton shouted “you feeling tough? You feeling tough now?” at the crowd afterward, and a song listed as “Joke” on the setlist that turned out to be Burt Bacharach’s “This Guy’s in Love with You” during the encore.

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The show was filmed for Yahoo Live. Which caputres the moment (1:15:26) that Chuck joined his former band mates for the second time during the reunion of Faith No More to perform Mark Bowen


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