TOMAHAWK's second album MIT GAS was released 15 years ago!

On May 6th 2003 Tomahawk released their second album Mit Gas

'So go forth, like a pink little alley pig, and let the bells peal, the crowds cheer, the dj's spin! Clear the Billboard charts.......a miracle has been bestowed upon us!!!! It is called: MIT GAS' - The Melvins

Tomahawk has always been Duane Denison's project with the guitarist writing most of the material. Mit Gas was written, in very much the same way as their 2001 debut album, by sending tapes through the mail apart from in this case the musicians were now much more familiar with one another.

"The main difference being we were a band this time around, and I think you can hear it. We'd toured, sniffed each other's tails for a good couple of years, and are better now. The first record's good. but this one we upped the ante. That's the way it's supposed to be.
I just think we knew more what to expert from each other. We were all in the same room together for about three or four days before we made that first record, so, you know, it's a pressure cooker, which is great, it makes you come out swinging. But there's also something to be said for playing together for a long time and growing as a unit. I usually don't believe in such things, I think you either have it or you don't, and we had it, but obviously I think we built upon it." - Patton 2003

Musically Mit Gas established Tomahawk's identity. It is also a more diverse album than it's predecessor. Mike Patton explores his vocal range, adds electronic sounds and keys. Denison's unconventional guitar technique is pivotal in supporting Patton’s schizophrenic vocals. John Stanier's drum are aggressive and on point. 

"It's different, maybe it is more balanced. To me, an album is almost like a collection of short stories or scenes in a play, though it's not like we're trying to tell a whole story with every song being a section. I think there are sort of unifying vibes here and there. I don't know, I just think the timing is right for this album and for Tomahawk. I might be totally wrong."

"I don't really consider us metal. It's definitely hard rock, and has a harder edge to it, but metal is very conformist. You have to have a seven-string guitar tuned really low, a singer doing the Cookie Monster thing, and then you have to have a DJ, too. We don't really fit in anywhere and that's fine. I don't think we need to. To me, that's good. I would just call it rock with touches of experimental pop." - Denison 2003


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