Update of recent Faith No More activity....

  • The end of year polls are still coming in and 'Sol Invictus' is beginning to make appearances. 

Rolling Stone | Best Metal Albums of  2015
Number 2

The alterna-metal square pegs return 18 years since their last LP and still refuse to fit anywhere. Though you could fill an Ozzfest and an All Tomorrow's Parties with the bands they've influenced, Faith No More instead lean into post-punk rhythmic hypnosis, goth-tinged atmosphere, castanet-flecked Morricone metal, three-part harmonies and one barking anthem featuring a metaphor about breakfast cereal. Vocalist Mike Patton has spent the last two decades extending his throat into a versatile instrument that's at home gurgling moist splatter-jazz alongside John Zorn or crooning silky Italian pop with Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini, and now he absolutely floats above the monolithic grooves of drummer Mike Bordin and bassist Roddy Bottum, still a hard-hitting, sui generis rhythm section 30 years on. C.W.

Classic Rock | 50 Best Albums of 2015 
Number 2

The key lyric comes during the propulsive Separation Anxiety, when Mike Patton, for so long so scathingly dismissive of Faith No More’s legacy, croons ‘I can’t let you go, because you’re a part of me, not apart from me.’
The San Franciscan band’s first album in 18 years surpassed the expectations of even the most hard-core devotees, adding a dark, gothic sheen to their maverick melange. From the playfully filthy Motherfucker to the perversely cheerful Sunny Side Up, it’s a stunning re-affirmation of FNM’s status as one of rock’s most deliciously idiosyncratic units. Shame they’d already used the title Album Of The Year back in 1997, because it would be entirely apposite here.

Metal Insider | Scott Ian's Best Of 2015 
Scott Ian (Anthrax), Fred Leclercq ( Dragonforce), Britta Gortz (Cripper)  all name ‘Sol Invictus’ in their album picks of 2015.

  • Roddy Bottum and Lynn Truell (Imperial Teen) joined Dinosaur Jr on stage in New York for the last of a seven-night stand at Bowery Ballroom. The pair joined the band for their song 'Start Choppin'.

A photo posted by Roddy Bottum (@roddybottum) on

Freak Scene

  •  The new Mike Patton project Nevermen have released a second song from their forthcoming album due on January 29th via Ipecac.


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