It's not only been a fantastic year to be a follower of Faith No More but it has also been a fantastic first year for our page. In our first year we have successfully reported on every event during 2015, whilst also publishing some fantastic interviews and opinions from various FNM related friends. 

We would like to thank all the members of Faith No More for this exciting year in music, in particular Bill Gould who has shown us the up most support for our efforts and offered us guidance. 

A huge thank you to all those who have kindly contributed to our articles and who have supported our page this year. 

Roddy Bottum, Mike Bordin, Matt Wallace, Maor Applebaum, Dustin Rabin, Martin Kvamme, Steve Balderson, Vince Forcier, Joe Lynch, Clinton Mckinnon, Joel McIver, Steffan Chirazi, Trevor Dunn, Dave Lombardo, Greg Werckman, Frightwig, Flattbush, Jone Stebbins, Tim Moss, Dean Menta, Zon Guitars, Team Rock, Planet Rock Radio, Mexican Dubwiser, Jared Blum,Espen J. Jorgensen, Phil Alexander, Ipecac, Como Asesinar a Felipes, Mike Wellman, Matt Jacobs, Sinclair Klugarsh, Mel Smith, Gonzalo Frias, Adriano Mazzeo.

Thank you to the Faith No More fan community for your support and acceptance of our page into a great family. 

Faith No More 2.0, Faith No More French Community, The Holy Filament, Faith No More Gig Database, Faith No More 4 Ever, Faith No Man, Caca Volante, Bungle Weird, Patton Fans Brazil, Infectious Grooves, Pattonism, Evil Toast Man, Paul B, Matt Thompson, Nicole Nabb, Pattonmad, Doug Esper, Frank Quinn, Trey Reznor, Nina Ackerman, Shaun Noonan, Mark Wales, Rodrigo Roros, Carolina Veronez, Simon Cason, Sophie Paterson, Kieran Nolan, Sylvia Bungle, Alex Pavel, Dennis Edwards, Piero Lombardi, Patti Norberg, Shannon Plemons, Zoe & Ian, Tim Lane, Clare Scott, Michelle Hollamby, Gerry LaFerla, Neil Arnold, Gabriela Castro Wedel, Chrstian Leon Torres, Maria Dolly.......and many more!

And of course the biggest thanks goes to YOU the followers. With out your contributions and support we would be preaching to no one!

We are ready making plans for 2016 and we will continue keeping you up to date with any developments from Faith No More and related bands plus sharing nostalgia.

Thank you 

Jim, Scotty ,Luis 


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