Faith No More posted their end of year message to fans on Facebook.

To all our FNM friends...This past year we did something cool—we made a record. We did it ourselves; we promoted it, toured it. And it was strong. When we first released Motherfucker, your response forced the media to respect us. When the album was released, you bought it when you could have simply taken it from a torrent site. When we toured, If we didn’t play your town, some of you hopped in cars, on trains, on planes. If we did play your town, you might have had to buy a festival ticket just to catch our set. And when you did, you had a great time anyway. We are aware of the support you have given, and sacrifices you have made for us.Because of this, we would like give a tremendous THANK YOU, and wish you all a Happy Holiday Season and Inspirational 2016.

We would like to wish all Faith No More fans a happy new year and say thank you for supporting and contributing to our fan page in 2015. 


  1. Faith no more! I still have faith in you that you can do more music like this. I am one of your followers and I'm really having a great time listening to your music and was wondering when will be your next tour.

  2. I’m SO glad you listened to Pablo. I kept a lot of our relationship secret from my mother because I didn’t want her to see what was really going on. She only knew at the end. Mothers really do know best.

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