FAITH NO MORE's sophomore album 'Introduce Yourself' was released 32 years ago!

On April 23rd 1987 Faith No More released their second studio album Introduce Yourself.

"....a breathtaking harmonisation of molten metal guitar, deadly dance rhythms and poignant, pointed lyrics." - Sounds

"....A colossal, oppressive and obsessively violent rock noise. That's intimidating and disturbing in the extreme..."- Melody Maker 

"A tremendous piece of work, unpredictable, explosive and unclassible."The Real Story

" all came together on Introduce Yourself. The tribal beats, the crunching metal guitar and the half rap/half sung vocals of Chuck Mosley coalesced into something altogether original." - Decibel

Our own Jim and Mike Hayes discussed this classic FNM album in depth on episode 04 of Podcast Croissant



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